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Video: The Story of God's Kingdom Growing as People Share the Gospel

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Igniter Media produced this video titled Strangers which shows how one faithful Christian can impact numerous people by sharing her faith.

"Nate became a believer partly because of Kim, and oddly enough Kim and Nate have never met. How is this possible? Well, lets take a look ..."

This video shows what can happen when Christians take the Great Commission seriously.

Igniter Media makes videos that are often used as sermon illustrations. Jesus also used illustrations that are called parables. Last year we shared another Igniter Media video, A Social Network Christmas.


Perhaps you have heard the story of how shoe salesman Dwight Moody was led to Christ and the string of events that followed leading to both Billy Sunday and Billy Graham becoming evangelists. Who knows what the future could hold when you or I share the gospel?

Hat Tip: Internet Evangelism Day

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