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Video: When Dogs Pray

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Photo: Flickr/Heather Hoesly - Creative Commons
Heather Hoesly captioned this picture on Flickr: "Dear Lord, please let mommy share her breakfast burrito with me. Amen."

 "Father, I do ask a special prayer that You help me to not chase the neighbor's cat and to listen to my master whenever he asks me to do something."

Some Christians are teaching their dogs to mimic them praying. The dogs pause before eating. This video collection of dogs "praying" shows a dog putting its paws together before lunch time. Another pet covers its eyes while the owner prays.

Dogs Praying Before They Eat

I wonder what God thinks as He watches people teach their pets to pray. Maybe God enjoys these "silly moments" because the people praying are showing gratitude for the food that their pets are about to eat.

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