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When Cats Attend Church

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Photo: Flickr/pipilongstockings - Creative Commons
Flickr user pipilongstockings says, "This Cat appeared and kept us company at Ellingham Church."

Perhaps you've seen the videos of dogs mimicking their owners in prayer or dogs being blessed in church. Our feline friends also go to church. They just don't get as much attention.

According to Elizabeth Davenport, the dean of Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, "Every great cathedral has always had its cat if you look back through history."

Meet Modo, the Rockfeller Chapel Cat

The Church of the Advent has a web page featuring its cats and reminds us, "Easter Lilies and chocolates are lovely treats for humans, but they are lethal to cats (and chocolate can be lethal to dogs as well). Please keep your Easter treats away from your pets!"

Before you assume cats in church is just some American tradition, consider that if you were to travel to Israel and visit famous Christian tourist destinations, it is likely you would see a cat. This one was recorded outside Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Holy Cat?

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