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5 Surprising Foods That Lead to Healthy Weight Loss

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Weight loss and dieting seem to go hand in hand. Of course, not all diets are created equal. Many diet for weight loss plans are unhealthy or seem impossible to follow. Further, people have difficulty sticking to strict diets long enough to really shed pounds.

The best diet for weight loss, most people agree, is a balanced approach. This involves eating in a healthy manner while cutting back on some foods that tend to lead to weight loss, bloating, and cravings for unnecessary additional carbs. While cutting back, it is also important to add certain foods into the diet.
For instance, add these 5 surprising foods to your diet to lose weight in a healthy manner:

Surprise Food #1: Smoothies
Sometimes mistaken for a sugar-loaded dessert, smoothies are easy to make and can be tailored for weight loss easily. Healthy smoothies, also called weight loss shakes, can actually help trim the waistline. Some of the bonuses of consuming healthy smoothies include:

  • Fewer calories in the smoothie than in a dense snack
  • Puree making digestion easier
  • The ability to hide non-preferred foods in a tasty beverage
  • Having a filling beverage available for on the go
  • A tasty way to replace unhealthy flavored drinks like sodas or sugary juices

There are many different types of smoothies and smoothie ingredients that aid in weight loss. For example, people consume weight loss shakes like green smoothies or beverages loaded with weight-loss boosting nutrients like fruits. It is likely that you can find some sort of healthy smoothie you can regularly enjoy.

Surprise Food #2: Avocados
A myth suggesting that avocados are fattening keeps many people from the surprising truth: avocados can aid in weight loss. The reason the myth is perpetuated is because avocados are fatty. However, they contain healthy fats that are actually good for you and ultimately support trimming the waistline.

A few of the many reasons avocados are great for losing weight:

  • They qualify as low-calorie
  • Avocados reduce risk of metabolic issues
  • The fats in avocados fight abdominal fat

Add in the fact that avocados are rich in nutrients that your body needs to be healthy and you'll find that incorporating an avocado a day into your diet is a great idea.

Surprise Food #3: Prunes
Often associated with the elderly and with treating digestive issue, prunes are not a common food in most households. However, prunes can be tasty when incorporated into salads, stir fry, desserts, and more. You might consider consuming more of this dried fruit once you realize it's hidden power: making you feel full.

Low in calories and rich in healthy nutrients, prunes are most notably known for their high fiber content. While this helps with digestive issues, the high fiber content also makes you feel full even when you haven't eaten a large amount. The effect is a healthy appetite suppressor- something many dieters appreciate.

Surprise Food #4: Beans
Another food associated with digestive processes, beans also tend to be linked in people's minds with dense Mexican or Hispanic foods. Some people even associate beans with low-income meal plans. Whatever the association, beans are rarely cited as weight-loss supplements even though the truly are.

Beans can help people lose weight even when they are not trying to, according to a study. Though not sudden or significant pound-shedders on their own, beans contribute to serious weight loss when combined with other dieting efforts. Beans are most notable for:

  • Keeping cholesterol levels low
  • Creating feelings of fullness even after low calorie meals
  • Offering rich proteins without the calories or other fatty nutrients found in many meats

Begin serving beans as a side, on salad, or as ingredients in meals more often to reap these benefits. Beans don't require much effort and are affordable as well, making them extra convenient.

Surprise Food #5: All Natural Peanut Butter
Typically thought of as fatty, peanut butter can be loaded with lots of additives and nutrients that negatively impact the body and weight loss. However, all natural peanut butter lacks the hazards and damaging nutrients. Instead, all natural peanut butter offers healthy fats like avocados, plus a high fiber content to make you feel fuller. Protein is also found in all natural peanut. All of this adds up to a healthy snack, spread, and ingredient to trim your waistline with.


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