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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Breastfeeding

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In the recent past, there has been a push for mothers to exclusively breast feed their children for the first six months after birth. This is because science has proven that breast milk is vital for the health of the infant. However, some ladies are still not convinced and they still opt for alternative feeding for their children in order to keep looking young. No lady wants to have sagging breasts. These women are however oblivious of the importance of breast feeding for both themselves and the child.

The fact that we even have a world breast feeding day should proof enough of just how important breast feeding is. Even though breast feeding will make your breasts sag, the long term benefits that you and your child will get will outweigh this one disadvantage by far. Breast feeding is more than just keeping your baby full. Apart from giving the child nutrients, it will also:

1. Boost your child’s immunity
According to research, children who were exclusively breastfed for the first six months of their lives were found to be lesser prone to diseases than as compared to those who were never breast fed. This is because breast milk contains immunity-boosting nutrients. When you breast feed your child, you will not only be filling his stomach but also shielding him from diseases like pneumonia and colds.

2. Reduce the risk of you getting breast cancer
This is one of the most feared diseases in the world today. Now, as your pregnancy develops week by week, your body is also getting ready for the upcoming task of milk production. It is in this regard that some hormones are produced to aid in the production of milk. However, when you fail to breastfeed, the aforementioned hormones will be left stranded in the body and will consequently lead to abnormal growths in the breasts which can culminate in the development of breast cancer. This can, however, be averted if you breast feed your baby as long as possible.

3. It will help you shed the weight you accumulated during pregnancy
A major concern for most women, especially the young ones who still want to retain their sexiness, is that pregnancy and giving birth will make them add weight. It is true that you will add weight as you sail through the pregnancy. However, you don’t necessarily have to sign up for gym membership in order to lose that fat: breast feeding will do it for you. On average, your body will use around 500calories a day to produce milk for the baby. Some of these calories will be taken from the reserves kept during pregnancy thus helping you lose weight.

4. It will reduce the chances of your child dying before one year as well as reduce his chances of becoming obese or diabetic later in life
The chances are that you must have heard about infants who mysteriously die before they hit one year. When the causes or measures to prevent this fatality are still unknown, science has proven that breastfeeding a child reduces the risk. We don’t even need to expound on the dangers of diabetes and obesity: it is clear. Thus, if you wish you, child, a long and healthy life: then breast feeding should be the first step.

5. It will help you sleep better
As a new mother, you will probably have so many worries that can cause you sleepless nights. However, as you breastfeed, oxytocin the hormone that helps push down milk down the ducts to the nipple will also help keep you relaxed and calm. This will help you sleep better. This is probably why breastfeeding mothers have been known to sleep longer than those who are not breast feeding.

6. It forms an avenue for you and your child to bond
Through breast feeding, you and your child will be able to get acquainted at whole new and deeper level. This is especially so because breastfeeding is frequently done and thus the child is able to identify you as his constant pillar.

7. It may stop your periods
After delivery, many women stop getting their periods. They, however, return after some time. This, however, does not mean that you are not ovulating: you can still get pregnant. Notice that you cannot be able to calculate your safe days without your periods. This is why consumer health information will tell you to get alternative birth control options immediately after birth to prevent the possibility of becoming pregnant.

Despite the massive sensitization and awareness on breast feeding, it still remains an enigma to most people. Until this day, some people still don’t know why it is important to breast feed both the mother and the baby, but thanks to consumer health information, you can now access the facts about breast feeding and its impact on your healthy and that of your baby.




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