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Claire John

Claire John is a beauty and fitness blogger and having 6 years of experience in beauty industry.

Posted 2/10/16 at 6:23 AM | Claire John

5 “WHATs” of Round Ligament Pain That You Should Know


1. WHAT is round ligament pain?
This sudden sharp pain is common among pregnant women, as they enter into their second trimester. The round ligament supports the uterus in the abdominal cavity, and as the baby grows, this ligament will stretch (like a rubber band) and become thin and taut. The round ligament can spasm and contract, and in turn, cause quick episodes of sudden and sharp pain.

The round ligament of the uterus goes from the pelvis to the labia majora. It travels along the inguinal canal, and passes the internal abdominal ring.

There have been some cases of post-partum round ligament pain, but usually, the symptoms of RLP subside within a few days of delivery.

2. WHAT are the signs and symptoms of round ligament pain?
Sharp, shooting pain in the area of the lower abdominal region, is one of the most common symptoms of round ligament pain. The pain commonly begins on the right side of the pelvic region, and can travel down to the groin area. FULL POST

Posted 2/1/16 at 8:06 AM | Claire John

What are the Major Culprits in Your Skin Damage?


In the world today, there is a huge obsession with beauty that is spreading indiscriminately across all nations and races. Each and every person (read woman) wants to have the best skin around. It is this need that has led to millions of beauty products emerging in the markets, all of which promise the skin nirvana. However, you may still never achieve your ideal skin, even after applying these products for an eternity, due to skin damage. This is usually registered as skin darkening, flaking and wrinkling. Now, these are manifestations that will cause you major head ache as you try to unravel their causes and possible solutions. This is because you will never get any headway in the beauty arena so long as these factors are not tackled properly. It is in this regard that this section has been put together: to sink your teeth into the factors that can cause skin damage. They include: FULL POST

Posted 1/28/16 at 1:32 AM | Claire John

Unknown Damage You are Doing to Your Eyelashes


Apparently, beautiful and flawless lashes give you an attractive and unique look. Having a routine for the care of the lashes is common among many ladies. Unfortunately, there are some practices and habits that may finally ruin your lashes. Healthy habits and practices can result to healthy, good looking and attractive lashes. On the other hand, unhealthy practices will cause fallout and ruin to the lashes. Harmful habits may result in breakages and fall out of the lashes. This is mainly noticeable while cleaning or wiping the area around the lashes. As mentioned earlier, how well you treat and care for the lashes determines how healthy they are and appear. There are some factors you require to put into consideration and habits to either shun or embrace.

Beware of False Lashes
What causes eyelashes to fall out? Women commonly ask this after noticing the fallout and breakage of the lashes when they wipe them. Improper fixing of the false lashes can be of harmful and devastating effects to the natural lashes. Some inexperienced persons could do the fixing for you and do it wrongly. Glue sticking near or too close to the eyes is harmful and causes the breakages and fall out of the natural lashes. To start with, it is vital to select and purchase best quality extras or false lashes. It is then vital to have them fixed by a person with the expertise to perform the task. They should be fixed in a way that they do not cause loss of the natural ones. Also, they need to be fixed such that they are easy to remove. The gluing also should not be too close to the eyes. When it is time to remove or to get rid of the lashes, avoid pulling off. Pulling off is likely to pull even the natural lashes and cause their breakage and fall out. Since, the false ones are usually stuck with the natural ones, avoid also rubbing as it may pull the natural lashes and this is likely to cause falling out and breakage. Have a professional or expert remove them for you. FULL POST

Posted 1/19/16 at 8:09 AM | Claire John

Most common skin care problems and their solutions


The skin is the outer protective layer of the body and puts up with a lot for example scrapes, cuts chemicals, infections and excessive heat from the sun. This keeps the delicate organ under a lot of assaults. The addition of sweat from activities like working out and stress makes the epidermis to overdrive giving it no option but to react leading to skin problems. This means that it takes a lot of effort to keep a flawless skin through proper care and avoiding situations that can cause permanent skin problems e.g. sunburns, and also finding solutions to all skin problems.

Raging hormones are always responsible for the pimples that appear on teenagers’ skin but there are other factors that also cause this e.g. stress, sweating, humidity and the use of steroids that cause reddish pimples on the skin. For most of the teens it doesn’t matter how good one is at hygiene, using the best skin care tips and observing a good diet pimples still appear, at some point too much washing of the face makes the acnes worse. If the acnes cause you discomfort one should visit a primary care physician and is treated as a medical condition that requires treatment. For personal treatment benzoyl-peroxide which can be found in drug stores is very effective in controlling acne. FULL POST

Posted 1/13/16 at 1:13 AM | Claire John

Why You Should Keep Changing Your Workout Plan Every Now and Then?


For all these time you have been trying to lose weight, but nothing has really been forthcoming. Why then should you cling on the same thing while there are various different, new and effective methods you can embark on to achieve great results?

Time has come for you to try something new and that lies in weight loss exercises. If you want to maximize utilization of calories in the body and lose weight, then taking to the track is just what you have been missing. It doesn’t matter where you want to do it – treadmill or outdoor – running helps the body to burn calories much faster and effectively. Why is it so? Yes, when the body is on the move, it does not only burn fat, but it also strengthens certain parts including the heart and legs.

Going to the track will definitely leave you feeling well and leaner. If you have bad knees, you can opt for the elliptical machine which works equally well. Choosing modalities that make you enjoy your workout regime or cardiovascular modality can be a wise idea. You can decide to do sprinting, hiking, jogging, cycling, swimming, power walking, aerobics and spinning – all these cardiovascular exercise are good for weight loss. FULL POST

Posted 1/11/16 at 4:01 AM | Claire John

Crucial Tips To Keep Off From Alcohol


Alcohol is an additive substance that once an individual gets addicted to it, can be very hard to avoid. Alcohol is a great enemy to development therefore on addiction alcohol is given priority over anything else. Most people have failed to pay the school fees for their kids because of spending all the money on alcohol and some their money is stolen when they are drunk. This leads to chaos in the family over neglected responsibilities hence causes relationship breakups. To escape all these disasters, the following are sober ways to stay away from alcohol;

1. Avoid things that cause temptation
Sometimes it isn’t the addiction that drives us into indulging in alcohol; it is the situations that we put ourselves that makes it hard for us to stay away from alcohol. For instance, if you are a recovering alcoholic and still hanging out with friends who drink, your struggle is a total failure. Once you see them enjoying the drink it can be very hard for you not to drink. Therefore, stay away from such friends that still drink or encourage them not to drink in your presence. In addition, get rid of all alcoholic substances in your house and avoid events that can cause you to drink such as night clubs, weddings and parties. This may sound hard, but it is good to avoid then once you have recovered you can attend the necessary ones. FULL POST

Posted 1/4/16 at 4:14 AM | Claire John

Do skin brightening creams depend on skin type?


When it comes to skin tone, all of us want it radiant and even. This is one desire that is common for all people irrespective of their skin color or type. However, due to factors like break outs and weather, your skin may get dark patches and blemishes. This is one great menace for most beauty lovers as it makes them look tired and worn out. This leads them into trying out numerous tricks to clear them. It is in the attempt to clear these dark spots and blemishes that people use skin brightening creams. These are beauty products that help reduce the pigmentation on your skin and clear all those dark spots that are causing you major worry.

Skin Sensitivity
All skin types are prone to blemishes and dark spots. You shouldn’t worry too much because it can be rectified using brightening creams. There is a wide range of these products in all cosmetic shops and at fair prices. However, there is need to notice that one skin brightening cream may not be effective across all skin types due to the differences in the skin types. FULL POST

Posted 12/31/15 at 4:18 AM | Claire John

Latest winter beauty and lifestyle trends to wear this season


Its winter already! It’s cold and chilly, but you do not have to look like the weather. Fashion enthusiasts show you how to still get your glam on this cold season with some of the latest trends out there. In this article I have combined some of the latest lifestyle news trends that will keep you stylish and trendy.

Here are some of the latest winter beauty and lifestyle trends in makeup, hair, shoes and outfits from your favorite fashion front liners;

The sweaty face
Well, make-up has gone greasy. The latest makeup trend according to Vogue magazine is the fresh face look. This look is dewy, wet and raw. It is called the nightclub skin. While previously it was a crime to walk around with a sweaty, wet face, it is now fashionable to do so.

Run way models, celebrities and other big names in fashion are actively embracing this look. To embrace this look you need lots of moisturizer, scrub and very little makeup. Make sure you scrub your skin three times a week. Add the moisturizer daily before leaving the house, and then finish off the perfect look with some eye liner and some nude lipstick to finish off your look. FULL POST

Posted 12/25/15 at 4:27 AM | Claire John

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Breastfeeding


In the recent past, there has been a push for mothers to exclusively breast feed their children for the first six months after birth. This is because science has proven that breast milk is vital for the health of the infant. However, some ladies are still not convinced and they still opt for alternative feeding for their children in order to keep looking young. No lady wants to have sagging breasts. These women are however oblivious of the importance of breast feeding for both themselves and the child.

The fact that we even have a world breast feeding day should proof enough of just how important breast feeding is. Even though breast feeding will make your breasts sag, the long term benefits that you and your child will get will outweigh this one disadvantage by far. Breast feeding is more than just keeping your baby full. Apart from giving the child nutrients, it will also:

1. Boost your child’s immunity
According to research, children who were exclusively breastfed for the first six months of their lives were found to be lesser prone to diseases than as compared to those who were never breast fed. This is because breast milk contains immunity-boosting nutrients. When you breast feed your child, you will not only be filling his stomach but also shielding him from diseases like pneumonia and colds. FULL POST

Posted 12/24/15 at 4:38 AM | Claire John

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Walnuts


Sometimes it appears as if some of the foods we value least are the most beneficial to our health. For instance, nuts are loaded with healthy fats, protein, antioxidants, sterols, fiber and plenty of minerals and vitamins. When it comes to nuts, walnuts rank among the top with compounds that help boost your health in various ways. All you should have is a handful of walnuts in a day to reap these immense benefits. Studies have shown that regular consumption of walnuts can help in weight loss, improve heart health, and enhance your skin appearance among others.

Here are the 6 main reasons why you should make walnuts part of your regular diet:
1. Helps In Weight Loss
According to the latest and weight loss news, incorporating a healthy amount of walnuts in your meal can be helpful in the maintenance of a healthy weight over time. In one study, more than 30 participants who substituted other foods for walnuts and other nuts managed to lose more than a pound per week than their counterparts. They also managed to lose half an inch from their waist for the same period. The study also linked consumption of walnuts with increased satiety after only 3 days. FULL POST

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