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Claire John

Claire John is a beauty and fitness blogger and having 6 years of experience in beauty industry.

Posted 12/19/15 at 5:50 AM | Claire John

Look Sharp With Eyevage From Solvaderm


Dark circles, sagging, puffiness, crow's feet; does the number of ocular cosmetic problems that can occur leave you cross-eyed? Don't you wish there was a single eye treatment that dealt with all of them? Well close your eyes and make a wish because Solvaderm has just the product: Eyevage. This multi-action eye cream was developed to deal with the gamut of problems that can occur around the delicate eye area. It contains a range of active ingredients, each one designed to work in conjunction with the others to deliver an eye cream that really can eradicate a series of unsightly problems both cosmetically and in the longer term through preventative action.

Dark Circles
A form vitamin K called Phytonadione, which has reparative properties that heal bruising, works to eradicate the discoloration under the eyes that can lead to dark circles. It also boosts elasticity, the disappearance of which in the delicate skin under the eyes is one of the first real signs of ageing. FULL POST

Posted 12/2/15 at 5:45 AM | Claire John

The Reason Why I Feel Serelax is the Leading Anti-Depression Supplement

I have managed health food stores for the last 18 years and so I know quite a lot when it comes to natural remedies. With all this experience and knowledge, my son still went into depression. When he was just 18 years old! I don’t know how this happened under my watch but it happened. Well, you would think that I would have prescribed a natural remedy myself with my vast experience and the likelihood that I would get it for free at work.

You thought wrong. I had no natural remedy in mind at that time. In fact, I was opposed to the idea that he should be given a natural remedy. I have not said that they don’t work or that I don’t trust them, it is only that none of the products we were dealing with had the capabilities of healing my son. I found myself at a very tight corner. I was not comfortable with my son taking pharmaceuticals—I am not implying that they don’t work or that they are harmful, I just think that there are better ways to treat depression. FULL POST

Posted 11/19/15 at 1:09 AM | Claire John

5 Procedure to Reverse Aging

Aging is as sure as death. It inevitable your face will change with age. You will not have the same skin quality two decades from now. But, how much of it is necessary to fix? Is it okay to let some effects of time show? When is it okay to let them show? We all age at different rates depending on several factors such as environmental, health, lifestyle choices etc.

We sought to find out what the secrets of aging gracefully is and thus we contacted some experts and celebrities who have age gracefully and came up with five secrets of graceful aging so that you still look like yourself—just younger and better.

5 Procedure to Reverse Aging

Bag-Free Eyes
For some, genes can cause the eyes to seem like they are aging faster than others. The result: puffiness below the eyes, which is often characterized by loose skin that occurs on both the upper and lower eyelids. There are conservative ways to correct the eyes but you can still opt for a surgical blepharoplasty to get rid of the loose skin. FULL POST

Posted 11/10/15 at 2:21 AM | Claire John

How to Promote Sexual Drive in Women?

When it comes to sex, it is without doubt that the woman plays the major role. Well, this is debatable if you have never tried having sex with a woman who has zero interest in the sex. All in all, I am trying to say that when a woman loses interest in coitus, it affects both her and her partner and this can be catastrophic to both the relationship and the moment.

How to Promote Sexual Drive in Women?

There's no doubt that the lack of sexual drive is causing depression and a whole host of headaches, pains and other seemingly unconnected physical complications. Good sex has been deemed a part of general well-being for most people, all people even. If you do some digging in the records of most marriage counselors, you might be shocked to find that loss of sexual desire is the beginning of most domestic wrangles and eventual relationship breakdowns that are bringing a growing stream of couples to its door. FULL POST

Posted 11/6/15 at 1:21 AM | Claire John

All You need to Know about Zeroblem as the Best Remedy of Acne

Zeroblem serum is an acne treatment serum. It is suitable for sensitive skin. It doesn't contain any harsh ingredients that would cause irritation or excessive dryness. It is a clinically proven product for acne and blemishes treatment. It has been making noise in beauty forums and blogs all over the internet. The product is being taunted for its effectiveness in dealing with pimples caused by acne without leaving any scars.

Zeroblem as the Best Remedy of Acne

Zeroblem is taunted as the best weapon against acne. It is highly potent, highly concentrated acne fighting spot treatment that will quickly treat, soothe and resolve imperfections in ailing dermal areas. The formula is gentle on your skin but it still achieves all the benefits of a healthy, clear, flawless, blemish-free skin. According to the manufacturer, Zeroblem; FULL POST

Posted 11/3/15 at 7:12 AM | Claire John

An In-depth Look into Prostate Supplements and What they do?

When it comes to addressing prostate problems, two leading scenarios in America interact; the prevailing prostate problems and the use of supplements for general wellbeing.

An In-depth Look into Prostate Supplements and What they do?

For such a small gland, the prostate is a pain in the groin, at times recently but most times metaphorically. The gland is as small as a walnut but has problems that could ground a man for weeks… the size-to-problems ration, if anything like that exists, can only be compared to an atomic bomb. It is estimated that over of the men population have or will have an instance of prostate problems at least once in their lifetime. Most of these problems will pass unnoticed.

USA is the land of supplements. All manner of professionals have tried to explain why Americans love to use supplements. Some have even added a psychological and business twist to it- fear of being sick, fear of expensive treatment etc. At estimated 47% of Americans use dietary supplement at least once per week. American are spending loads of money on supplement. This trend dates back a few years ago. For instance, in 2011, it is estimated that consumers spent $30 billion on these over-the-counter nutritional supplements — 42 percent of them for vitamins and minerals, 17 percent going to herbal and botanical supplements, and 12 percent for sports nutrition products. The sad news is that most of this money end going to the wrong supplements. It is like a huge multi-corporation scam. FULL POST

Posted 10/13/15 at 1:38 AM | Claire John

All you Need to know about Provasil as a Natural Supplement

Out of all the natural supplements that are available in the market today, one of the finest, without a doubt, is Provasil. It has been making all the right noise over the past couple of weeks and it has reportedly changed the lives of everyone who has used it. Provasil is a Nootropic, which has been designed to not only help enhance the memory, but to also increase concentration and focus. It impacts heavily on the cognitive ability of a person and it is has got absolutely zero side effects, which is one of its biggest plus points. That is why we will take a deeper look into how Provasil works, what it claims to do, and the benefits that it promises to deliver.

All you Need to know about Provasil as a Natural Supplement

What does Provasil do?

Provasil is marketed as a 'revolutionary' formula, which can enhance cognitive performance significantly. A lot of people have problems with their memory, which is also termed as 'brain fog'. Provasil claims to eliminate forgetfulness and get rid of the lack of focus and general malaise in thinking, which is brought on by mental exhaustion or fatigue. FULL POST

Posted 6/11/15 at 1:56 AM | Claire John

Is It Possible To Get Pregnant During Menopause?

Some women do tend to worry that after menopause they still can get pregnant. However, the truth is this, and that truth is that once final menopause does conclude. A woman cannot get pregnant any more. This is because her body will no longer carry one of the essentials to get pregnant with, and that one essential amid essentials, is no other than the eggs that are released each month to be fertilized for conception.

If a doctor confirms that you have gone through menopause....

If a doctor has confirmed that you have definitely gone through menopause. You will no longer be able to get pregnant at all. This is because there will be no eggs to be waiting to be fertilized. The ovaries in a woman's body release these eggs to be fertilized and if there are no eggs. There is nothing left to fertilize and grow into a baby.

See Also: Getting Pregnant During Menopause: Is It Possible? FULL POST

Posted 5/28/15 at 8:35 AM | Claire John

How to Treat Face Acne and Wrinkles?

Can acne and wrinkles be treated at the same time? This is a question many adults with acne are asking. The answer is yes, but it is actually a little more complicated than that. You have to understand that there are many changes that occur as the skin ages, and this actually makes it more prone to breakouts, cell turnover slows down significantly while dead skin cells build up faster making it more prone to get trapped in pores. Once people see lines on the face, they will usually resort to thick creams and moisturizers that further increase the occurrence of pores clogging. Then, when acne starts to develop, they will use harsh cleansers and other anti-acne formulations that usually just worsen the problem.

A Simple Approach
The first step is to start with a mild cleanser and moisturizer combination that is usually the only solution you will need to treat adult acne and significantly slow down the process of skin aging. The problem is that there are numerous products on the market so choosing one that suits your specific needs, and skin type is a complicated process. In some cases where the skin is sensitive, or it is really hard to find formulations that suit it, the best thing to do is consult a skin care professional. Aside from this powerful combination, it is also advisable to take measures to treat acne and wrinkles exclusively for optimum results. FULL POST

Posted 5/25/15 at 7:32 AM | Claire John

10 Things You Don’t Know About Dry Skin

About Dry Skin

Dry skin is often a problem that people don't take seriously, but the truth is that it can have several negative effects on the skin and overall appearance. Common dry skin is also called xerosis that is a very common problem that can be caused by several different things. You can have dry skin in any part of the body including the face, abdomen, arms and legs. The pattern differs from one person to another and the cause of the problem as well. The severity also varies along with the treatment for the problem. To know how to treat it, here are important facts you need to know about your skin.

1. Dry skin can be simply due to taking hot showers frequently
During cold weather having a hot and steamy shower feels amazing. However, it dries out both your skin and hair that can cause problems. Instead of taking hot showers, use lukewarm temperature instead to avoid drying your skin. If you have to get one, make sure to use the appropriate moisturizer for your face and body afterward. FULL POST

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