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Claire John

Claire John is a beauty and fitness blogger and having 6 years of experience in beauty industry.

Posted 5/22/15 at 6:20 AM | Claire John

Instantly Ageless Review: Is It Good For Your Skin?

Instantly Ageless Overview
Instantly Ageless is your solution to the appearing signs of anti-aging. It is a powerful serum that can instantly diminish fine lines and wrinkles which makes you look old. You are sure to look younger with this product because it has been tested and specially made to make you younger with better looking skin. Unlike other anti-aging products that produces positive effects after how many days or weeks, with the Instantly Ageless solution, you are able to realize the results a few minutes after applying it. It is coined to work like a Botox but without injecting it. You can experience all of its benefits in just $80 dollars per box with 50 pieces of 15 mL sachets. Or have the box with 25 vials which also costs around $80. So, if you want those wrinkles to go away and look younger, this product is the right choice for you.

This exquisite product is specially made by Jeunesse Global, a global company which specializes in health and skin care products. They look to give and promote to their customers a healthy lifestyle through their supplements and a better looking you through their beauty enhancement products like the Instantly Ageless. FULL POST

Posted 8/12/14 at 4:53 AM | Claire John

5 Supplements to Take on a Daily Basis

The body needs various nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins in order to carry out various functions properly. When you injure yourself, the body heals the section injured which is done by the help of proteins. During body building exercise, carbohydrates and fats provide the necessary energy required by the body in order to lift the weights successfully. These are just a fraction of functions the body does.

Nutrients are derived from foods we eat such as meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and grains. Different fruits contain different nutrients which means to benefit fully you need to combine them into a balanced diet.

At times the body may lack the necessary nutrient which is why supplements are supplied by health experts. Supplements act as alternatives for providing the necessary nutrients but they can never replace food. Below are 5 supplements to take on a daily basis. FULL POST

Posted 8/8/14 at 9:56 AM | Claire John

8 Ways to Reduce Stretch Marks after Weight Loss

Reduce Stretch Marks after Weight Loss

You just lost weight. You should be proud of yourself and flaunt your new body. Instead, you cover your body up, because you are self-conscious about your stretch marks. It is time to get rid of the stretch marks like you got rid of the weight. Never hide your beautiful self under layers of clothing. It is hard to get rid of stretch marks entirely, but there are ways to reduce the appearance of them. Here is how to reduce stretch marks after weight loss.

What Are Stretch Marks?
Stretch marks are visible lines that can be found on your skin surface. They usually appear on your abdomen, sides and lower backs, and thighs. Essentially, a stretch mark is a scar that results from your skin being stretch by fat storage. If you get pregnant or are overweight, your body will produce stretch marks to accommodate the rapid weight gain. Stretch marks can be either brown or pink. It is easy to decipher them from someone natural skin color. If you have stretch marks, you might find them unsightly and do your best to cover them up. If you try one or more of these stretch mark treatments, you can reduce the appearance of your stretch marks after weight loss. FULL POST

Posted 7/23/14 at 12:58 AM | Claire John

The Mechanism of Bimatoprost - Induced Eyelash Growth

The Mechanism of Bimatoprost - Induced Eyelash Growth

The use of cosmetic products to enhance beauty has become a common sight. Eye make-up is one of the cosmetics widely used by both men and women to enhance the appearance of their eye and make them pop. Many individuals desire long, thick dark eyelashes. After all, who would not want such, with the assumption that long lashes can increase the attractiveness of a person? Due to this desire, many have embraced the use of cosmetics to give their lashes their desired appearance. Regardless of the chemical side effects, many have chosen to chemically formulated remedies, turning their back on the natural remedies that enhance eyelash growth.

Eyelash growth history
Eyelashes are facial hairs attached to the eyelids. They are the slowest growing hairs on the body. Eyelashes are useful to the body in that, they prevent particles present in the air from accessing the eye. They also prevent small insects from getting into the eye. Generally, eyelashes act as protective features that protect the eye from outside forces that may damage it. Moreover, eyelashes add a beauty aspect to the face. For such reasons, the proper growth of eyelashes is very important. As at December 2008, the Food and Drug Administration certified bimatoprost as a safe treatment for hypotrichosis. Bimatoprost is the synthetic imitation of prostaglandin. Prostaglandin occurs naturally and assists in the growth of hair. Due to this feature, bimatoprost enhances the growth of hair on the body including the eyelashes. FULL POST

Posted 7/8/14 at 3:23 AM | Claire John

4 Promising Fat Rich Foods to Add in Your Weight Loss Program

Not all healthy foods are created equally. Some foods outshine the rest when it comes to nutritional value and the impact it has on weight loss. In fact, some fats can be a great addition to a weight loss diet. If you are working to shed a few pounds, you should consider what type of healthy fat rich foods you are eating.

When you consume healthy fats, you will decrease your hunger level, regulate your blood sugar and aid in making your body reach its optimal level of functionality. People are afraid of healthy fats because of the calorie density. You can combat this by practicing portion control. When you practice portion control, these four fats will make a fantastic addition to your weight loss plan.

1. Flaxseeds


Flaxseeds are considered the superstar for an anti-aging diet, because they are rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber and unsaturated fats. Adding flaxseeds to your diet comes with many benefits. Your hunger will be curbed, your high blood pressure lowered, your clogged coronaries cleared and your potential risk of developing heart disease lowered. The omega fats in flaxseeds can also improve your brain function, boost your immune system and lower your body fat composition. FULL POST

Posted 7/1/14 at 5:59 AM | Claire John

Does Skin Brighteners Work Effectively For Oily and Sensitive Skin?

skin brighteners

One of the most problematic skin types is oily skin. There are countless ways to address oily skin like determining its cause/s. Take note that sebum is important since it moisturizes the skin and protects it against damage. First of all, you have to be aware of the causes of oily skin like hormonal imbalances, genes, birth control pills, pregnancy and diet.

Skin Brightening Products

Since oily skin often causes discolorations and a generally darker skin shade, one of the most popular skincare products for oily skin is skin brighteners. These are products that brightens skin complexion while at the same time gets rid of skin discolorations like acne marks. These products usually work by controlling melanin production which directly affects skin tone. Some products also contain ingredients that bleach the skin but this is known to be dangerous. FULL POST

Posted 6/19/14 at 7:38 AM | Claire John

Can You Be Your Own Nutritionist?

Weight Loss Nutritionist

Do you want to eat healthier, but do not know how? Is a nutritionist out of your price range? Did you know you can be your own nutritionist? Here are a few tips that will help you make better food choices and learn how to be your own nutritionist. Are you ready to take control of your health?

Assess Your Health

The first step in becoming your own nutritionist is to assess yourself. Do you need to lose weight? You can check your body mass index to see if you are medically overweight or obese. Just remember, you do not have to be overweight to eat healthy. You should eat healthy at any weight.

Figure Out Your Reason

Is there a reason you want to lose weight? The answer to this question may seem obvious, but most people do not know the true reason they want to lose weight until they answer this question truthfully. Most people do not understand what motivates them to lose weight. This lack of understanding is why most people fail their previous weight loss attempts. FULL POST

Posted 6/3/14 at 4:42 AM | Claire John

Getting Rid of Deep Neck Wrinkles And Forehead Wrinkles

Deep Neck Wrinkles
Deep Neck Wrinkles

How to Get Rid of Deep Neck Wrinkles Fast

As we get older, the most visible signs are wrinkles on our skin, mostly on face and neck. The skin of the neck is delicate and thin, making it more prone to wrinkles as compared to other parts of the body. With age, skin gets loose and thin and eventually loses that fat, which makes it look younger; this leads to a sagging looking skin and more visible bones and veins. Neck wrinkles can also be a result of UV rays emitted from sun, imbalanced diet, and lack of water and, worst of all, smoking.

Remember one thing, wrinkles will happen eventually, but you can delay the process by being a bit careful at an early age and here is how…

How to Tighten Loose Skin on your Neck? FULL POST

Posted 5/29/14 at 2:50 AM | Claire John

10 Fat Burning Foods To Boost Weight Loss

The best way to lose weight is to diet and exercise. Reducing your number of calories a day is only a portion of how a diet can affect your weight loss. There are several fat burning foods that can be added to your diet. These foods will help boost your weight loss by breaking down fats, increasing your metabolism and improving your digestive system. Here are the top ten fat-burning foods you should add to your diet to boost your weight loss.

Fat Burning Foods
Fat Burning Foods

 1. Coconut Oil

The medium-chain fatty acids that create coconut oil create energy in the body. This is a result of medium-chain fatty acids being metabolized differently than long chain fatty acids.

2. Greek Yogurt FULL POST

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