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Crucial Tips To Keep Off From Alcohol

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Alcohol is an additive substance that once an individual gets addicted to it, can be very hard to avoid. Alcohol is a great enemy to development therefore on addiction alcohol is given priority over anything else. Most people have failed to pay the school fees for their kids because of spending all the money on alcohol and some their money is stolen when they are drunk. This leads to chaos in the family over neglected responsibilities hence causes relationship breakups. To escape all these disasters, the following are sober ways to stay away from alcohol;

1. Avoid things that cause temptation
Sometimes it isn’t the addiction that drives us into indulging in alcohol; it is the situations that we put ourselves that makes it hard for us to stay away from alcohol. For instance, if you are a recovering alcoholic and still hanging out with friends who drink, your struggle is a total failure. Once you see them enjoying the drink it can be very hard for you not to drink. Therefore, stay away from such friends that still drink or encourage them not to drink in your presence. In addition, get rid of all alcoholic substances in your house and avoid events that can cause you to drink such as night clubs, weddings and parties. This may sound hard, but it is good to avoid then once you have recovered you can attend the necessary ones.

2. Make yourself busy
Idleness is what makes non-drinkers start drinking and those who are recovering a very hard task for them to stop. It is one of the major causes of drug abuse or most evils in the society. It makes me almost to believe the saying that, ’an idle mind is a devil’s workshop’. Therefore, keep yourself active through doing activities such as games, community work and any other activity that will keep drinking thoughts a mild away. Set your goals and maintain the focus of achieving them and work towards them.

3. Take a trip to a new environment
Your surrounding environment is what greatly contributes to 90% of your personal behaviors. Take a trip to a place far from where there are no memories of drinking. Take along with you someone who will assist you to stay on the right track. You may not be able to have the courage to drink in a strange land once you remember the bad things that you use to do while you use to drink. Stay away for some time and slowly the alcohol memories will fade.

4. Seek external support
It can be very cumbersome for you to overcome the alcohol urge alone. You may need friends and family to keep reminding you the resolutions you made to keep you on track. Once you declare your real intention of stopping drinking, a true friend will no encourage you to drink or put you in situations that can make it hard for you. Attend seminars where every week that assist recovering alcoholics. This will enable you meet with other recovering individuals who will reduce the weird feeling of being out of place. You will also gain some important tips which will help you overcome the temptation. This is one way of avoiding those who judge you and make you feel wrong to stop totally drinking.

5. Never convince yourself otherwise
Sometimes when you are recovering, it is easy to convince yourself how useless your decision of stopping drinking is. To overcome such cases, write down a list of the bad things that you did while you were drinking and reasons why you really need to stop. Once you hear that convincing voice revisit you list of shame to bring your mind to the right track.

6. Congratulate yourself
Appreciate your effort of overcoming alcohol because staying away from it is not such an easy task. Set aside the money that you have saved by not drinking and buy yourself that one thing that you have always wished to have. After every week of staying sober select a perfect way to feel good and strong for overcoming alcohol. Always find a way of feeling like a conqueror for staying away from alcohol rather than a loser. Sexual dysfunction in women is majorly triggered by alcohol consumption. As a woman, this is one of the reasons of rewarding your effort

Alcohol is a great disaster to health, family and any kind of development. Staying away from it may not be as simple as just mentioning it. It calls for commitment from both the victim and all the people who are there to assist you. If you are really committed to staying away from alcohol, consider the above tips to succeed.
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