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Do skin brightening creams depend on skin type?

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When it comes to skin tone, all of us want it radiant and even. This is one desire that is common for all people irrespective of their skin color or type. However, due to factors like break outs and weather, your skin may get dark patches and blemishes. This is one great menace for most beauty lovers as it makes them look tired and worn out. This leads them into trying out numerous tricks to clear them. It is in the attempt to clear these dark spots and blemishes that people use skin brightening creams. These are beauty products that help reduce the pigmentation on your skin and clear all those dark spots that are causing you major worry.

Skin Sensitivity
All skin types are prone to blemishes and dark spots. You shouldn’t worry too much because it can be rectified using brightening creams. There is a wide range of these products in all cosmetic shops and at fair prices. However, there is need to notice that one skin brightening cream may not be effective across all skin types due to the differences in the skin types.

Know Your Skin Type
This is why you should look for that cream that is specially cut out for your type of skin. A wrong choice can lead to adverse effects on your skin because it is a proven fact that skin brightening creams depend on the type of skin. In addition, the lightening cream prescription should be followed to the letter to avoid mishaps. Normally, these creams will take their sweet time before any remarkable results are realized. When this happens, you may be tempted to think that you are not applying enough cream hence prompting you to apply lots of it on the spot in a bid to hasten the process. All this will however, be futile. You should apply a small amount routinely until the spot dies. Again, the cream should only be applied on the affected area because applying it on the parts that are not darkened would lead to them becoming lighter. Hope you can predict what will happen in this event.

Active Ingredients
Another factor you need to consider before buying a skin brightening cream are the ingredients. Skin brightening creams with mercury should be avoided because they only offer temporary solutions. You should go for cream that contains natural elements that will sooth your skin. Some ingredients may also not be suitable for your skin type. Lastly, you should always apply sunscreen whenever you go out because the sun is capable of reversing the effects of the brightening cream within a split second.

That much said; let us now delve into our point of concern: how does skin type affect choice of brightening cream?
1. Dry skin
This is one type of skin that is highly susceptible to redness and general dullness. This is usually due to inability to produce enough oils. It is in this regard that a person with this type of skin should only go for products that will not aggravate the dryness but rather ones that will help soothe the skin and enhance the production of natural oils. One type to avoid is any cream that contains alcohol while one with aloe Vera would be an ideal. If you choose correctly, then you will be able to get rid of those blemishes without making your skin even drier.

2. Oily skin
People with this type of skin tend to produce too much oil that leads to them having shiny mirror faces and once in a while; major break outs. An ideal cream for this type would be one that will neither cause clogging of the pores nor increase the oiliness. The cream should also be used with constant exfoliating of the skin in order to open the pores.

3. Normal skin
This type gives the least trouble. This is because it is able to keep its lipids under control and is less prone to break outs. Nevertheless, it still needs brightening once in a while since it is not spared from sun darkening. A light skin cream would be ideal here since there are no major dark spots to be cleared.

All skin types call for brightening once in a while in order to clear any dark spots, general darkening or blemishes that may have appeared. This brightening is particularly easy with the wide range of skin brightening creams that are available in all cosmetics shops. However, do not go just for any cream. Rather, look out for one that is specially made for you type of skin. This is because different skin types need different creams. This is why you should probably consult a dermatologist in order to get the ideal product. Once you have the product, follow the prescription to the letter, do not over apply, apply on affected areas only and more importantly, remember to apply sunscreen whenever you are out doors.


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