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Eye Makeup: Step By Step Guidelines

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Cosmetics are probably one of humanity’s greatest inventions. Every woman who understands the skin, what it goes through, and the imperfections that grow abundantly with age, poor care and at birth, will understand this point. However, while makeup can easily cover up blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles and what not, it’s no good to have to cover up your entire face heavily with it just to get the blot out what imperfection is is you want to make invisible.

Beautiful eye skin

Therefore, a quick discussion of how to get and maintain youthful looking skin around your eyes, with the help of Eminence Eye Cream or something else, is called for before diving into a step-by-step guide to give your eyes astounding makeup that will impress anybody you know.

Check out 5 tips to get great looking eyes even when you’re on makeup free days:

Tip No. 1: Keep your eye area clean and clear of grime, including product residues, at all times. Wash in the morning and once again in the evening, and in between heavy sweating. These keeps your delicate eye skin from getting infected, irritated and inflamed which can all lead to the more serious issues of breakouts and aging. Tone twice daily to draw out any impurities left inside your pores after a wash. Never sleep with makeup on.

Tip No. 2: Protect your eye area from photoaging and dryness. These are the major causes of skin aging. Pay closer attention to protecting skin around your eyes which are more vulnerable to these aging factors because of very low count of oil glands in the area as well as a very thin fat layer. Use sunscreen. Find one that incorporates loads of antioxidants for added protection from environmental stressors.

Tip No. 3. Moisturize and regenerate. Aging skin needs more than just ultra hydration from skin conditioners and emollients. The renegerative power of peptides and the re-energizing power of Vitamins C and E are necessary as well. For your night time regimen, sign up retinol if this is an ingredient which your skin can tolerate. Use Eminence Eye Cream or another similar product that helps strengthen your fragile capilliaries and flush out leaked fluids stuck around your eyes.

Tip No. 4. Prevent product irritation. Harsh ingredients cause skin irritations. With inflamed skin, your skin becomes prone to damage and aging. Keep your skincare and makeup tools clean and hygienic all the time.

Tip No. 5. Include an essential oil in your regimen. These closely resemble the skin’s make up which makes these instantly hydrating to the skin, while also readily available to help facilitate simultaneous skin cell repair, renewal and turnover happening deep within the skin.

Beautiful eye makeup in 5 steps

Step 1: Get an eyelash extension. Free yourself from the daily trouble of having to deal with clamped, dry and stiff eyelashes or gluing falsies. Wake up to gorgeous eyelashes and sleep with them.

Step 2: Use a BB cream for sheer, lightweight coverage. One of the things aging skin resists is a heavy makeup. So, avoid heavy creams and layering products as much as you can because these don’t hide the creases but makes them appear more prominent instead. Bring the product around your eyes and cover well using your concealer brush.

Step 3: Spot correct. Use your concealer to cover up areas that are still showing your dark spots, including hyper pigmented skin under and around your eyes.

Step 4: Shape and draw on your eyebrows. Find the right shade of eyebrow color depending on your hair color and skin color. Get your eyebrows arched correctly depending on the shape of your face. Draw the top and bottom lines then fill using light, tiny strokes for a natural, bushy feel.

Step 5: Draw the cats eye on the corners of both eyes using an eye gel or a heated eye pencil for greater definition. Bring the color into your tear glands.

Step 6: Choose a color for your eyelid (optional). To work up a shadow, remember to always put the darkest color on the fold of your eyes and the lighter ones below.


Even with makeup, the importance of great looking and healthy skin cannot be set aside. After all, regardless of what brand or type of makeup you use, a clean skin that’s clear of as much imperfections as possible remains to be the hallmark of beauty — with or without makeup on.

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