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How to Promote Sexual Drive in Women?

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When it comes to sex, it is without doubt that the woman plays the major role. Well, this is debatable if you have never tried having sex with a woman who has zero interest in the sex. All in all, I am trying to say that when a woman loses interest in coitus, it affects both her and her partner and this can be catastrophic to both the relationship and the moment.

How to Promote Sexual Drive in Women?

There's no doubt that the lack of sexual drive is causing depression and a whole host of headaches, pains and other seemingly unconnected physical complications. Good sex has been deemed a part of general well-being for most people, all people even. If you do some digging in the records of most marriage counselors, you might be shocked to find that loss of sexual desire is the beginning of most domestic wrangles and eventual relationship breakdowns that are bringing a growing stream of couples to its door.

In case you are among thousands of women suffering from reduced sexual desire and you want to get your sexual drive back, then all is not lost. Today I introduce to you Zenofem for women. This is a supplement that is prepared from natural ingredients that ensure you don't experience any harmful effects. The product contains only the ingredients listed on the box since it doesn't contain any additives or fillers.

According to the very informative official product site, this product contains ingredients that have been individually and thoroughly tested and proven to aid increase sexual drive, improving blood flow to the genital areas and addressing vaginal dryness. The product also contains laxatives that can reduce anxiety and stress, increase energy levels and greatly boost stamina. In a nutshell, the product addresses both the emotional and physical problems that are believed to be the cause of reduced sexual drive in modern women.

Zenofem Ingredients
Like previously stated, this product consists of all-natural ingredients that are combined into one proprietary blend. Some of the active ingredients in Zenofem have aphrodisiac properties to manage stress levels while the other blend is concerned more on energy levels and improving blood flow to the clitoris.

Clove Buda Flower Powder: This is a vine that was used for its Aphrodisiac properties by native people of the Amazon many years ago. It was widely believed that Cloveline could help boost energy levels and this has been confirmed using modern science and technology. It is used in this product to help increase energy levels, boost arousal during sex and enhance sexual desire.

Damiana Leaf Extract: This is a popular ingredient in libido enhancing products. Daminana leaf extract is believed to stimulate the flow of oxygen to the vagina and this increases the sensitivity of the vagina. Additionally, Damiana Leaf can help to reduce anxiety and fatigue, which can affect sexual performance negatively.

Muira Puama Bark Extract: This product is included in Zenofem due to its ability to improve the intensity of orgasms. It has been proven that consumption of this extract boosts sexual desire which will in turn increase sexual drive and sexual fantasies.

Di-Arginine Malate: This is a household name when it comes to libido boosting supplements. The product has been used for many years to increase the flow of blood to the genital area. When more blood flows to the genital area, there's increase pleasure and stronger sensation during sex.

Oat Straw Herb Extract: Oat Straw is an age old extract that boosts energy levels and promotes stamina which will in turn improve overall sexual performance. Besides its obvious contribution to sexual performance, it makes a great additive to your daily diet.

Catuaba Bark Extract: For better arousal and improved sexual drive, it is prudent that blood flows freely to the genital regions. This ingredient increases blood flow to vaginal area and more common sexual fantasies.

Cnidium Herb Powder. Low libido is mostly associated with emotional and physical stress. This herbal extract has aphrodisiac properties and it can also boost blood circulation to genital area.

Bioperine: To wrap up our list of evidence is this ingredient that does nothing to improve sexual desire or reduce stress. Instead, this ingredient promotes absorption of other ingredients. It has been used in most supplements due to this fascinating ability.


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