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How to Treat Face Acne and Wrinkles?

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Can acne and wrinkles be treated at the same time? This is a question many adults with acne are asking. The answer is yes, but it is actually a little more complicated than that. You have to understand that there are many changes that occur as the skin ages, and this actually makes it more prone to breakouts, cell turnover slows down significantly while dead skin cells build up faster making it more prone to get trapped in pores. Once people see lines on the face, they will usually resort to thick creams and moisturizers that further increase the occurrence of pores clogging. Then, when acne starts to develop, they will use harsh cleansers and other anti-acne formulations that usually just worsen the problem.

A Simple Approach
The first step is to start with a mild cleanser and moisturizer combination that is usually the only solution you will need to treat adult acne and significantly slow down the process of skin aging. The problem is that there are numerous products on the market so choosing one that suits your specific needs, and skin type is a complicated process. In some cases where the skin is sensitive, or it is really hard to find formulations that suit it, the best thing to do is consult a skin care professional. Aside from this powerful combination, it is also advisable to take measures to treat acne and wrinkles exclusively for optimum results.

Treating Acne
Here are simple tips that have been proven to be effective in reducing acne:

Change Your Diet
A research from New York University published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics indicate that diets high in dairy products and high glycemic index (GI) foods significantly increases the risk of developing acne. Thus, reducing simple carbohydrates and consumption of dairy products may have a considerable benefit in the reduction of acne.

Never Pop Pimples
Everyone who has acne has most likely tried popping pimples. The problem is that it increases the chance that the infection will develop which can worsen swelling and at the same time make the healing process much longer. Furthermore, it increases the risk of developing acne scars. The best way is to let nature take its course and let the pimple/s heal on its own.

Over-The-Counter Treatments
There are several OTC treatments to choose from depending on your skin and severity of acne. It would be best to consult a caro white lightening beauty cream, skin care professional regarding the best type of your skin. One popular OTC treatment for acne is resorcinol that works by breaking down blackheads and whiteheads. The most popular active ingredient used in anti-acne formulations is benzoyl peroxide that attacks and destroys bacteria while at the same time slowing down the production of oil. It also works as a peeling agent while accelerating the turnover of the skin and clearing pores for ultimate anti-acne action.

Anti-Acne Systems
There are plenty of anti-acne systems on the market like the ones you see on television. These are combinations of two or more formulations which usually include skin cleansers and conditioners. There are also formulations that utilize natural extracts that improve skin health and have anti-acne effects. Remember to choose an anti-acne system carefully since many are not really effective.

Treating Wrinkles
Here are the most popular and effective anti-wrinkle treatments

Anti-Wrinkle Formulations
There are thousands of anti-wrinkle formulations on the market including creams, gels, and serums. These formulations utilize different active ingredients like natural extracts and powerful peptides. You need to be careful in choosing an anti-wrinkle formulation because most aren't very effective, and many are actually ineffective. Look for those that are significantly proven to be both effective and safe.

The most popular medications prescribed by skin care professionals is topical retinoids that are derived from vitamin A. This includes tretinoin and tazarotene that are the most popular. These can make the skin easier to burn so it is advisable to use protective clothing and apply sunscreen before sun exposure.

Procedures and other Techniques
There are several procedures that are designed to reduce or prevent wrinkles and other skin aging signs like laser and radiofrequency treatments. The most popular is ablative laser resurfacing which utilizes laser beams to destroy the epidermis using heat. This also stimulates new collagen fiber growth that makes the skin more elastic and smoother thus reducing the visibility of wrinkles. There are newer and less invasive procedures that have recently been made available, but the cost is much higher. Chemical peels can also be used to slightly reduce the appearance and of wrinkles. In this procedure, acid is applied which burns the outer layer of the skin removing wrinkles, age spots, and freckles.


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