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Is It Possible To Get Pregnant During Menopause?

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Some women do tend to worry that after menopause they still can get pregnant. However, the truth is this, and that truth is that once final menopause does conclude. A woman cannot get pregnant any more. This is because her body will no longer carry one of the essentials to get pregnant with, and that one essential amid essentials, is no other than the eggs that are released each month to be fertilized for conception.

If a doctor confirms that you have gone through menopause....

If a doctor has confirmed that you have definitely gone through menopause. You will no longer be able to get pregnant at all. This is because there will be no eggs to be waiting to be fertilized. The ovaries in a woman's body release these eggs to be fertilized and if there are no eggs. There is nothing left to fertilize and grow into a baby.

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Should you still practice safe sex even after menopause has been done?
The answer to this question is a definite yes. This is because even though you cannot get pregnant any more. It doesn't mean that you still aren't open to contracting sexually transmitted diseases of all kinds. So, with this said, if you do plan to be sexually active after menopause. You still do need to have protection in place against the possibility of getting a sexually transmitted disease.

Menopause also brings with it something great. What is this something great?

Menopause is a clear sign that you don't have to worry about buying pregnancy tests any more either. This can be an awesome thing to a woman in a lot of ways. This is especially true if she always had to worry about getting pregnant each time she had sex. The stress of this can kill off the possibility of some very good sex. However, being free of the worries, not only makes sex all the better. It also frees her up from having to have it hang over her head like a sword in life constantly.

Remember one thing and remember it good, okay.....

Despite the fact that there are lots of old wives tales out there. Women cannot get pregnant at the age of 90, if she is lacking the presence of eggs in her body. However, if for some reason, she does turn up pregnant at this very golden age. Then the truth is this. She never did fully go through menopause all the way. When a woman has gone through menopause fully. She can no longer get pregnant at any age, be it 55, 75, or even 100. Remember this, because it is true, and will always be true.

What is peri-menoupause?
Peri-menopause is also called menopause transition. Peri-menopause takes places a few years before actual menopause does begin to start. Peri-menopause is a time when the ovaries are producing much less estrogen and this process can begin in women who are in their 30s or 40s. This drop in estrogen can start women off to having symptoms of menopause.

Can you get pregnant during peri-menopause?
A woman can indeed get pregnant during the stage of peri-menopause. This is because her body is still producing eggs and she still is ovulating on and off. If there is sperm present in a woman's system, the chances for conception are still there, and this egg can be fertilized to make a baby.

Can a woman who has gone through menopause still get pregnant with medical help?
The answer to this question is probably no. However, with the advancement of medical science, one should be always open to possibilities. Nonetheless, to definitely say it is possible, will most probably have to be no. This is because once menopause has started and finished. A woman no longer carries the one precious thing to create life with, and these precious things, are no other than her monthly eggs that are released from her ovaries.

The Conclusion
Once a woman has fully experienced and gone through menopause. She is not likely to be able to conceive or to ever carry a baby full-term. Her body is no longer fertile, as she is devoid of eggs, which do make this process possible from the onset. She can get pregnant though, if in peri-menopause, which is still permitting her to make some eggs and to ovulate, but on and off.




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