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Latest winter beauty and lifestyle trends to wear this season

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Its winter already! It’s cold and chilly, but you do not have to look like the weather. Fashion enthusiasts show you how to still get your glam on this cold season with some of the latest trends out there. In this article I have combined some of the latest lifestyle news trends that will keep you stylish and trendy.

Here are some of the latest winter beauty and lifestyle trends in makeup, hair, shoes and outfits from your favorite fashion front liners;

The sweaty face
Well, make-up has gone greasy. The latest makeup trend according to Vogue magazine is the fresh face look. This look is dewy, wet and raw. It is called the nightclub skin. While previously it was a crime to walk around with a sweaty, wet face, it is now fashionable to do so.

Run way models, celebrities and other big names in fashion are actively embracing this look. To embrace this look you need lots of moisturizer, scrub and very little makeup. Make sure you scrub your skin three times a week. Add the moisturizer daily before leaving the house, and then finish off the perfect look with some eye liner and some nude lipstick to finish off your look.

Dark lipstick
The gothic look is making its way out of Halloween into winter this season. According to Vogue magazine, the pale skin, overdone eyes makeup and dark lips are the ideal fashion trend for winter.
Go for dark shades of red, maroon, beige and even green.

Nail polish has gone gothic too. Latest lifestyle news suggests you go dark on the nails. Dark shades of dark green; navy blue, red and black have made a comeback this season.

You will need your hair to keep warm this season. Elle magazine suggests you try out the following looks for some style this season.

The bright blonde
I am sure you have come across this trendy look. Kim Kardashian and even Jennifer Lawrence are spotting this look. You do not have to go black this season; you can spice up your hair color with a blonde look.
You can either go long or short with this look, whatever suites your style. This is the ultimate look for all seasons.

Tapper bangs
Tapper bangs will look nice and cozy on you this season. They are loose bangs hanging over your forehead with razored layers that hit just above your shoulders. This look is stylish and comfortable for winter.

The Bob
The bob look is a winter look too, and it has not gone out of style. Go for thinned out layers that have a blown out look around your face. See how good Rachel MacAdams looks good in this.

Mid-length cut
This trend looks good on any person regardless of texture, age or face shape. You can have it layered with a nice cut. Having curls on this look brings some personality.

Rough bangs
Get that Nick Jagger look with these rough bangs. A simple separation at the middle of the bangs and a little hair spray on your overstayed bangs is the ultimate rock and roll look.

Long smooth hair
This is the best look this season. Whether you are going black, blond or red, you will still look stylish. It is not only warm but also trendy. This hair is ideal for wearing marvins and other winter hats to keep warm. You can have your long strands trimmed out on the edges to give it a wavy, loose look.

Blunt bangs and bod combo
This bond girl look is great for winter. Not only will it keep you warm but edgy at the same time. Have your bangs neatly cut out and have your edges trimmed out into a sharp bob cut. This is the sexiest look this season.

Wavy chest level hair
This is Gwyneth Paltrow's signature look. The wavy, chest level cut look will look good on anyone. You can part it at the center or the sides to get this classic look.

Shoulder length chop
If you do not feel like going shorter or too long, Elle magazine suggest you try the shoulder length chop. This look is still fashionable. Get stylish with a clean or loose cut of your edges that land gently on your shoulders. The best thing about this look is that you can go straight or wavy with curls.

Well, there you have it. The latest lifestyle news trends for winter this season. Whatever you go for whether make-up, hair or nail polish ensure they suit your style and the rest of your outfit. There are many more winter and lifestyle trends that you can have fun with this season. Feel free to add some to our list here.


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