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Most common skin care problems and their solutions

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The skin is the outer protective layer of the body and puts up with a lot for example scrapes, cuts chemicals, infections and excessive heat from the sun. This keeps the delicate organ under a lot of assaults. The addition of sweat from activities like working out and stress makes the epidermis to overdrive giving it no option but to react leading to skin problems. This means that it takes a lot of effort to keep a flawless skin through proper care and avoiding situations that can cause permanent skin problems e.g. sunburns, and also finding solutions to all skin problems.

Raging hormones are always responsible for the pimples that appear on teenagers’ skin but there are other factors that also cause this e.g. stress, sweating, humidity and the use of steroids that cause reddish pimples on the skin. For most of the teens it doesn’t matter how good one is at hygiene, using the best skin care tips and observing a good diet pimples still appear, at some point too much washing of the face makes the acnes worse. If the acnes cause you discomfort one should visit a primary care physician and is treated as a medical condition that requires treatment. For personal treatment benzoyl-peroxide which can be found in drug stores is very effective in controlling acne.Groin rash
Itching red rush in the groin is very uncomfortable but jock itch is much of a bother and uncomfortable. The same fungus that causes athlete’s foot causes groin rash especially to individuals that sweat a lot. The best ways of reducing jock itch is by staying dry always in the groin area, bathe daily, changing undergarments often, avoid heavy or thick clothes in warm weather, never share under wears and always make sure clothes you wear e.g. underwears, sports uniform fit perfectly. If you have already developed the rush, one can use antifungal ointment that includes (lamisil AT),spray, powder or lotion.

Warts are mainly growth of harmless cells caused by direct contact of the human papillomavirus.This is passed from one person to another especially through clothes or towels used by someone who has warts. Warts appear and re-appear and have a very gross look and are very embarrassing. Unless you have diabetes or any impaired immune system, you can use salicylic acid that requires a daily use for a number of weeks and the results are that the infected skin will pill off.

Razor burn
Razor burn mainly means a few hours of a red face and discomfort or pimples lasting for days or infected blisters. There is a particular pressure to shear hair and leave untained skin behind but some burns may be caused by feeling the burn. In case the burn has already occurred apply an aloe-vera product cream or soothing aftershave with vitamin E. This will help reduce redness and calm the skin by skin care reviews.

This is caused through exposure of the skin to the UV radiation. Those people with more of the brown pigment called melanin that protects the skin from UV rays hardly turn lobster-red .but a fair skinned person can burn in the winter. Preventive strategies are like sunscreen lotions, sunglasses and hats both during summer and winter. If you have already developed the burns one can use a quick fix for painful sunburn, rich with vitamin E since for any type of skin, burn applying vitamin E twice in a day helps the skin heal.

Athlete’s foot
People who work out are at a great risk of getting athlete’s foot. This is because it greatly multiplies in public areas like locker rooms, communal showers and fitness centers. The infection always starts between the toes and can spread to the toe nails and sides of the feet. Good news is that athlete’s foot can easily be treated through over the counter drugs like lotrimin –AF and lamisil-AT. Lamisil is very expensive but very effective in treating the condition. Best way of preventing the infection is washing your feet daily very well and drying them as well as allowing your feet to breath by wearing open shoes without socks. In case, the athlete’s foot is very serious call a doctor for treatment if home remedies are not working.

Wrinkles are very unattractive but occur to everyone when they get older. The skin gets thinner drier and less elastic. Since you can’t turn back time and get younger one can protect the skin from further damage by using skin care tips.1st step is stopping the use of cigarettes since quitting now will prevent formation of wrinkles in the future. Always protect the skin from sun burns through sunscreen lotions and hats at all times. The use of moisturizer every night is also very effective since dry skins always turn into wrinkles. Young people at the ages of 20s and 30s should take care of their skin to prevent formation of wrinkles.

This condition is characterized by an extremely red face. A large number of Americans suffer from this condition. The rosy face is credited to the inflammatory skin disease called rosacea but it’s not a life-threatening disease but it greatly affects an individual’s self- esteem. The treatment for this condition is self-treatment as well as prescription drugs. An individual should also know the cause for the skin condition and avoid them for example food and sun. Rubbing and touching the face regularly should also be avoided and using alcohol products on the skin.

In conclusion, most of the skin care problems are due to lack of taking precautions since we know the skin is very delicate and requires a lot of protection. Cleanliness and keeping the skin moisturized is one of the best ways of protecting the skin and it’s less expensive compared to treating skin conditions. Skin care tips are easy to get from the internet and from a dermatologist and its very important for every individual to take these tips into considerations.




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