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Stressed Out! Try These Stress Management Techniques to Calm Down

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School has started, and the holidays are around the corner. It is one of the most stressful times of the year. Deadlines, due dates, parties, festivities and so many more things are being added to our already jam packed calendars. Before you know if, you will be stressed to the max. As someone who has been there and done that, I know a few stress management techniques to help calm you down. Follow my techniques, and you will feel your stress level drop drastically.

1. Green tea. This is the first step on how to reduce stress. Add a bit of honey and lemon to your green tea and after the first sip you will feel better. Just sit in a room by yourself, wrapped in your favorite blanket with some soft music playing and just sip on your cup of tea. Believe me, we always have 15 minutes to enjoy a cup of green tea. Plus, think of all the antioxidants you are drinking? You are doing your mind and body good by drinking the green tea.

2. Massage. When I start to feel the knots in my back, and my neck becomes stiff, I know it is time for that Swedish massage. The essential oils, and the right amount of pressure help me to fall asleep and clear my mind. I know massages can be pretty pricey so I always recommend you look online for the best deal. I have found 50 minute massages for $30 and that includes tip. Do your homework and you will be rewarded. Also, sometimes if your friends go for massages, you can get a deal on a couple's massage. You do not need to be a romantic couple, just a couple of people.

3. Yoga. Yoga is the best way to deal with stress and anxiety. Here are my five favorite poses to help you overcome your stress and anxiety:

  • Child's pose (Balasana). This pose is the place of rest pose. It is great for relaxing your mind and body. I always use it to regroup. All you need to do is kneel down with both knees on the ground, bend your knees so your bum meets your ankle, and bend at the hip/waist area and stretch your arms out in front of you. Your head should be down and your mind should be quiet. Relax.
  • Tree pose (Vrikasana). This pose is thought to be fundamental in relieving anxiety. You are to be concentrating on your balance, focus and awareness instead of your troubles. To do this pose, just stand up and shift your weight to the right side. Take your left leg and bend it at the knee. Lift your leg so the sole of your left foot goes to the side of your knee. Place your hands in prayer with your thumbs at your heart and hold. Do this for 2 to 3 breathes and then switch.
  • Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III). My balance is horrible, but I love trying this pose. It helps improve digestion which is closely associated to anxiety. Bad gut can mean bad anxiety. To fix that, and improve your balance, strength and coordination do your Warrior III pose. Stand up tall and raise your hands up and begin to lean forward and lift your left leg. Try to make your arms and left leg parallel. Hold for 2 to 3 breathes and then switch legs.
  • Headstand (Sirsasana). This is not for the first time yogis, but for the more experienced ones. The headstand causes the blood to flow to your head causing you to be more conscious of your breathing. Paying attention to your breath causes you to not think about your stress and anxiety. Breathing is more important after all. To do the headstand start on your hands and knees. Interlace your fingers making sure your pinkies are on the ground. Cradle your head into your hands with the crown on the ground. Tuck your toes in and lift your hips into the sky and straighten out your legs. You can practice by lifting one leg at a time and doing it against a wall. Hold for 5 to 6 breathes or longer if desired.
  • Legs up the wall pose (ViparitaKarani). Perhaps one of the easiest yoga poses and most relaxing. It helps to relieve lower back pain and to help reduce stress. All you need is a wall to complete the pose. Sit down and then swing your legs up and place them directly against the wall. Your body should be at a 90 degree angle. Stay in the position for 10 minutes or longer. Just swing out of it when you are ready.
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