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The Reason Why I Feel Serelax is the Leading Anti-Depression Supplement

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I have managed health food stores for the last 18 years and so I know quite a lot when it comes to natural remedies. With all this experience and knowledge, my son still went into depression. When he was just 18 years old! I don’t know how this happened under my watch but it happened. Well, you would think that I would have prescribed a natural remedy myself with my vast experience and the likelihood that I would get it for free at work.

You thought wrong. I had no natural remedy in mind at that time. In fact, I was opposed to the idea that he should be given a natural remedy. I have not said that they don’t work or that I don’t trust them, it is only that none of the products we were dealing with had the capabilities of healing my son. I found myself at a very tight corner. I was not comfortable with my son taking pharmaceuticals—I am not implying that they don’t work or that they are harmful, I just think that there are better ways to treat depression.

Natural remedies, especially dietary supplements, are faced with the challenge of conducting proper research. The reason for this is that the money required to conduct exhaustive research is only available to government and other well-oiled institutions. Companies are face with the dilemma of conducting independent research or relying on the research already available since most of these natural remedies cannot be patented. Nevertheless, we still have the manufacturers who go the extra mile regardless—I was looking for such a manufacturer when I started shopping a remedy for my son.

At this moment let me say that I feel it is very unfair that pharmaceutical companies get all the research money locking out some potentially beneficial products made from natural sources.

When I started my search, I was surprised by the number of products available in the market for depression and anxiety. It is like I was new to this whole supplement thing. I heavily relied on the knowledge I had on the reputation of several companies in the dietary supplement business and the small scientific knowledge I had on the ingredients popularly used in this field.

To cut my long story short; I kissed a lot of frogs… but I finally found my princess. Serelax. This is an all-natural dietary supplement that promises to help take control of the stress levels for my boy. Man shall not live on promises alone. I did a bit of digging and found out that the product was produced by PrimeLife Labs. This is a company that had been in our hall of fame five years in a row for producing quality products. There is no way I was skipping this one. This natural supplement is made up of a blend of multiple ingredients with a very strong clinical support. PrimeLife Labs was respected in the industry for their vast investment in research.

I will admit that natural remedies are tricky to use; since they are mostly not nearly as strong as medications. However, from the Serelax reviews I read online the product was as potent as any other pharmaceutical product. As much as the pharmaceutical products are highly potent, they come with a loads of side effects. I know of a colleague who found it hard quitting his prescribed anti-depressant.

The bottom line is, Serelax had the following benefits that were very attractive;

  • 100% Safe, Natural and Effective!
  • Safely & Effectively reduces anxiousness/sadness and stress
  • Improves your overall physical and mental well-being
  • Relieves feelings of anxiousness, panic attacks and sadness
  • Gives you an overall calming effect
  • Dramatically improves your health
  • Is non-sedating, non-addictive, and has no side effects

I went and sat my son down, told him about the cost of the pharmaceutical alternatives and the side effects and we agreed to review the product with his doc. Luckily, his physician was also aware of Serelax and he told us the only reason that he didn’t prescribe this to my son was because the hospital policy didn’t permit them to prescribe any medication that the hospital doesn’t procure—what a draconian policy. Like any other product, this product works differently depending on the metabolism. In my son’s case it worked magic!


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