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The Ultimate Workout that will Give Quick Results

Wed, Aug. 03, 2016 Posted: 03:30 AM

It is the dreaded swimsuit season. All the beautiful people are on the beach with their toned arms, tight stomach, firm behind and nice legs. How did they get such a wonderful and enviable physique? Sure, for some it does come naturally, but some do work hard at their body putting time in at the gym. Many do high intensity interval training, or HIIT. This engages multiple muscle groups and also involves cardio training. You can receive a complete workout in less than 30 minutes. Complete this 4-5 days a week and this ultimate workout will give you quick results and help on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Sprinters
During my fat burn class we start the class with sprinters as part of our warm up. Basically, we run in place lifting our knees high and pump our arms up and down as fast as possible. We do this for twenty seconds and then a ten second break. We continue to do this three more times while rotating with another exercise. The purpose is to get your cardio in and warm up your muscles by getting blood pumping through them. It is not as easy as it sounds.

2. Push ups
The other exercises we rotate with sprinters are push ups. The idea is to do as many as possible during then20 seconds. Of course you need to be in good form with your bum down low and your core engaged. Remember to keep your arms slightly out to the side, but if you want an added challenge bring your elbows into your side rather than out and away from your body. It will work additional muscle groups.

3. Burpees
These are a favourite amongst the trainers at the gym. They are the best abs workouts for men. They engage your core like no other exercise. There are three different variations for this exercise:

" For the beginner, bend down and put your palms on the ground. Begin to walk your legs back until you are in a plank/push up position. Then walk your legs back in, stand up and jump. Continue this for as many reps during a twenty second period.

" For the intermediate you also bend down and put your palms on the floor. Instead of walking your legs back, you have them jump back together into a plank and then jump back in, stand up and jump. You do as many reps during the twenty seconds.

" For the more advanced you do it just like the intermediate. When you complete the rep and jump at the end you jump and turn facing the opposite direction and do another rep; continue this for twenty seconds.

4. Walk out push up
When rotating with burpees, you should challenge yourself with another push up/plank position exercise. This is as it says. You start standing up and then bend over with your palms on the ground and walk your arms out until you are in a push up position. With this exercise you can either walk back to a standing position, or challenge yourself when in the plank and do a push up and then walk back up to a standing position. You rotate doing this with the burpees. Four times each for twenty seconds a piece and ten second rest in between each rep.

5. Squats
Yes. Squats are an amazing workout where you can do anywhere. It works your core, bum, and legs. If you want to work out your arms, use a kettlebell for extra weight. When completing a squat it is important to keep your head up and your chest out. You bend at your knees and when doing so your bum should come out and when you go as low as your knees allow, you come back up and squeeze your behind to achieve optimum results. You will feel it. This is to be completed with as many reps during twenty seconds, repeated four times.

6. Lunges
I always recommend rotating lunges and squats. They work out very similar muscle groups and thus should be done together. When completing a lunge, you should also keep your head up and chest out. Take one leg at a time and bend it forward leaving your back leg also at a 90° angle with knee close to the ground. Once you become more experienced you can do jump lunges where your switch legs when jumping. Cardio and works muscles!

If you are able to complete these 6 different exercises you will be working each muscle group in your body. You have cardio and high intensity interval training. It is difficult at first, but over time you will gain confidence in how to live a healthy lifestyle.


Claire John