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Unknown Damage You are Doing to Your Eyelashes

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Apparently, beautiful and flawless lashes give you an attractive and unique look. Having a routine for the care of the lashes is common among many ladies. Unfortunately, there are some practices and habits that may finally ruin your lashes. Healthy habits and practices can result to healthy, good looking and attractive lashes. On the other hand, unhealthy practices will cause fallout and ruin to the lashes. Harmful habits may result in breakages and fall out of the lashes. This is mainly noticeable while cleaning or wiping the area around the lashes. As mentioned earlier, how well you treat and care for the lashes determines how healthy they are and appear. There are some factors you require to put into consideration and habits to either shun or embrace.

Beware of False Lashes
What causes eyelashes to fall out? Women commonly ask this after noticing the fallout and breakage of the lashes when they wipe them. Improper fixing of the false lashes can be of harmful and devastating effects to the natural lashes. Some inexperienced persons could do the fixing for you and do it wrongly. Glue sticking near or too close to the eyes is harmful and causes the breakages and fall out of the natural lashes. To start with, it is vital to select and purchase best quality extras or false lashes. It is then vital to have them fixed by a person with the expertise to perform the task. They should be fixed in a way that they do not cause loss of the natural ones. Also, they need to be fixed such that they are easy to remove. The gluing also should not be too close to the eyes. When it is time to remove or to get rid of the lashes, avoid pulling off. Pulling off is likely to pull even the natural lashes and cause their breakage and fall out. Since, the false ones are usually stuck with the natural ones, avoid also rubbing as it may pull the natural lashes and this is likely to cause falling out and breakage. Have a professional or expert remove them for you.

What is in Your Mascara?
Mascara contains anti-bacterial components. However, the bottle may break down as frequent opening during use will allow oxygen into the bottle. This brings the essence of replacement of mascara in every three or four months. Some people continue to use mascara even after it is already dry. Poor hygiene may affect the lashes negatively. There is also mascara that contains chemicals that may cause allergies to the eyes. Effects of allergies include itchy or red lids and irritation. If this occurs, see a professional for a better choice of mascara. Home remedies for eyelash growth are also essential to counter harmful effects of the mascara.

Improper Removal of Makeup
Improper removal of makeup can cause harm to your lashes. This is what causes eyelashes to fall out. Scrubbing thoroughly is wrong as it may cause breakages on the lashes. It is essential to use cleaning products and cleansers that act gently on the skin and the lashes. Do not scrub hard or rub the eyes. Be gentle and kind to both the lashes and the skin. Also, do not leave makeup on your skin and the lashes when you retire to bed.

Imperfect Condition
If you are not careful on how well you care for the lashes, you may suffer dry lashes. It is essential to use conditioning agents by making a right choice of mascara. Also, it is vital to ensure you moisturize the lashes. You can use olive oil for moisturizing. Moisturizing aids in keeping the skin and the lashes hydrated. It helps to reduce itchiness and breakages.

Hydrate for Healthy Lashes
Dehydration may be harmful even to the lashes. It may cause dryness of the lids and also brittle and hard lashes. Take water in required and sufficient amounts to improve hydration of the skin and for better and attractive lashes.

Know your Skin Type
Some people go for products without considering their skin type. They, therefore, use mascara with products that may cause allergies. They may suffer eyelid redness, irritation and itchiness. Using home remedies for eyelash growth is better and also safer than the use of chemicals. Also, find out what type or kind of skin you have.

Home remedies
Home remedies for eyelash growth are better than the use of chemicals on the lashes. Therefore, opt for home remedies to cleanse moisturizer and keep the lashes in good condition. Prepare creams for the lashes. It is essential and effective to maintain hygiene in the preparations. Hygiene avoids breakages and falling out of the lashes.

Lashes care is vital and gives people a unique and attractive look. Notably, there are damages that the lashes can suffer from our daily practices and habits. Unfortunately, we cause the harm on our lashes unknowingly. Consequently, we may suffer dry lashes, itchy and red lids and even the loss of the natural lashes. It is essential to use the given tips to take care of your lashes.



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