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What are the Major Culprits in Your Skin Damage?

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In the world today, there is a huge obsession with beauty that is spreading indiscriminately across all nations and races. Each and every person (read woman) wants to have the best skin around. It is this need that has led to millions of beauty products emerging in the markets, all of which promise the skin nirvana. However, you may still never achieve your ideal skin, even after applying these products for an eternity, due to skin damage. This is usually registered as skin darkening, flaking and wrinkling. Now, these are manifestations that will cause you major head ache as you try to unravel their causes and possible solutions. This is because you will never get any headway in the beauty arena so long as these factors are not tackled properly. It is in this regard that this section has been put together: to sink your teeth into the factors that can cause skin damage. They include:

1. Over exposure to the sun
Day in day out, beauty experts are always emphasizing on the need to apply a strong sunscreen whenever you step outside. You may have dismissed this as just a marketing strategy, especially if you are a self-proclaimed macho man, but it is not.

The truth of the matter is that the UVA and UVB rays of the sun are among the major causes of skin damage. What happens is that when you are exposed to the sun, the rays penetrate into the skin and try to destroy your DNA. Normally, your skin is usually armed with melanin that acts as the protective shield. It is this melanin that mostly manifests itself as dead skin cells that will come forth to form a layer that will block the rays.

However, being as beauty conscious as you are, you must have exposed your skin to constant exfoliating. You know that scrubbing to remove that dead and annoying skin? Yes that. What you are oblivious of that is that other than leaving your face lighter, this exfoliation will also have stripped the skin off its natural sun shield and hence leaving it exposed to the rays. Now, if your skin is exposed to the sun in this state, you may incur massive collagen damage and even increase your chances of getting skin cancer. Again, even if your skin was be able to undo this damage by removing the destroyed cells, some of the cells may remain in the body and cause abnormal cell growth that often culminates in cancer. This is why any best skin care routine must incorporate the application of sunscreen in order to avert this eventuality.

2. Alcohol
Different people take alcohol for different reasons. However, the moderation aspect should be common for all people. This is because apart from posing the threat of liver problems, alcohol will also be a major setback in your chase for beauty. Now, alcohol is highly dehydrating while your skin needs lots of hydration to keep it supple and smooth. What this means is that alcohol will dehydrate your skin and in the process cause unwanted dryness. It is this dryness that usually prompts the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, alcohol will also cause puffiness under the eyes as it will force the body to hoard some water for future use. In the long run, alcohol will leave your face wrinkled, red and with bags to carry around. This is why you should cut down your alcohol intake.

3. Smoking
This vice or is it hobby has been known to accelerate the skin aging process. This is mostly due to its impact on blood flow. According to DR Amy Wechsler a top dermatologist, smoking inhibits blood flow for over one hour and in the process reduces the supply of nutrients and oxygen to your skin. Now, these are nutrients your skin needs in order to regenerate and remove toxins. And therefore, this will meant that your skin is no longer renewing itself. In addition, smoking will also induce wrinkles due to the constant facial movements that accompany each puff. With no nutrients to undo the wrinkling, your skin will be left all wrinkled and even duller and darker due to the reduced flow of blood.

Skin damage is a major setback in the rush for beauty. This is why you should be fully acquainted with its causes in order to prevent its occurrence. This is unless the manual on how to get a beautiful skin described it as red, dry darkened and wrinkled. Some of the threats to watch out for include the sun, alcohol and cigarettes just to mention a few. In essence, if you keep these factors ta bay, you will be able to achieve the kind of skin you want and even reduce your chances of ever developing skin cancer.




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