Wayne Nall Jr
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God Can Do Things in Prayer That Are Just so Cool!

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God can do things in prayer that are just so cool...

Just this morning, I was praying for a friend of mine and his wife, Kenneth and Glynis Kintsel...a missionary couple who have a ministry to Latin America. I knew that they were flying out of Miami sometime today to enter a country south of Miami to minister to the church there. (I'm not going to name the country, but you probably can figure out an island nation that is not very hospitable to Christians.) As I was praying for them, I felt that I should text them to let them know that I was praying for them as they enter a potentially dangerous situation. After I texted him, I felt compelled to add to my prayer that there not be any problems in customs as they bring important religious material into this country. I hadn't thought of that (which may seem rather obvious, but it just hadn't occurred to me until that moment.) until I sent the text.

 Less than a minute later, my friend called me. He thanked me for praying for him, and told me that they would be boarding the plane in about ten minutes. He then asked for an additional prayer request...that I pray that they not have any problems in customs with the religious material they were taking to the people of this country! Exactly what God had just put on my heart to pray for! Wow! I told him, "Brother, I just prayed this for you seconds ago!" God is working!

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