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My Top Eleven Posts of All Time (And Some of My Personal Favorites As Well!)

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Earlier, I posted my "Top Eleven Posts of 2014" from my blog at waynenalljr.blogspot.com . As I promised then, I'm now sharing with you my "Top Eleven Posts of All Time." I've been writing a blog since 2011, and since then total views have been steadily increasing. As a matter of fact, none of my posts from 2011 or 2012 made this "All Time" list.

 Before I share this "Top Eleven" List, I'd like to share with you a few of my favorite posts that didn't make this list. For your interest, I've included the number of total views (as of today) on these posts as well.

  • A Christmas Story - December 25, 2012 (240) - This post was written about a deeply moving event which happened at the tire store where I work. It was such a touching thing to witness, and it reminded me of a greater event from two thousand years ago!
  • Lincoln and Obama - Two Views of Welfare - September 23, 2012 (292) - Although this didn't quite make the Top 11 List below, it was my most read post of 2012. It's based on a letter that Abraham Lincoln wrote to his step-brother in 1851. If anything, the contrast between these two presidents is even starker than when I wrote this!
  • TR on Lincoln - The Great Statesman - August 25, 2012 (218) - This was based on a short essay written by Theodore Roosevelt on Abraham Lincoln. As you can see, I'm a Lincoln fan! This is the best that I've ever read on what a true statesman is. I honestly wish every lawmaker in America were required to read this essay!
  • A Man Of A Different Spirit - October 7, 2011 (223) - This was my most read post of 2011. That's not saying much, as I only wrote three that year! It is based on one of my favorite Bible characters - Caleb. What an inspiration!
  • My Letter To President Obama - Concerning Israel - May 11, 2011 (37) - This was my first post on this blog. I had no idea what it would lead to! Support for Israel continues to be a subject that is dear to my heart, and my alarm then at the lack of support that Israel has received from this administration has increased even more.

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