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Posted 12/15/14 at 8:05 AM | Wayne Nall

Grace In Shoe Leather

I have just completed and uploaded to Amazon.com my first book, "Grace In Shoe Leather", and I'd like to share a preview of this remarkable story with you here. Here's the description:

In March, 1998, the Evansville, Indiana area was rocked by "The MotoMart Shooting" and the ensuing arrest of a local youth for murder. "Grace In Shoe Leather" is the true story of one victim's widow who refuses to take the path of bitterness and resentment, but instead chooses the path of forgiveness and grace. In a surprising turn of events, that widow, Ina Kae Simpson, eventually befriends Erick Schmitt, the man convicted of taking her husband's life. The unexpected results of this unusual friendship are inspirational!

Mrs. Simpson began attending the church where I serve as deacon several years ago, and the more I learned of her story, the more fascinated I became. She's the real deal! While suffering in a way that most people have never suffered, she chose the high road of forgiveness and actually helped turn around the life of her husband's assailant. Erick himself is an inspiration to all who have taken the wrong road, but with the help of others, has turned to God and gotten back on the right road. I could tell you a lot more, but you'll just have to read this for yourself! FULL POST

Posted 11/13/14 at 10:34 PM | Wayne Nall

BOOK REVIEW: Stonewalled by Sharyl Attkisson (Part 2)

This is a continuation of a book review of Sharyl Attkisson's new book Stonewalled: My Fight For Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama's Washington. To read Part 1 of my review, click here.

Chapter 4: Benghazi: The Unanswered Questions

For anyone who has followed this story, the attacks on our compound in Benghazi, Libya on the night of September 11, 2012, conjure up a web of deceit, duplicity and intrigue that we are still trying to decipher. The number of angles that could and should have been covered by reporters is multitudinous. However, outside of Fox News and a small number of mainstream reporters, the national press corps moved on after a short time. No story here. "Just a ginned up Republican story", they say. One of the few of those mainstream reporters that went against the grain and doggedly dug into Benghazi was Sharyl Attkisson. In Stonewalled, she chronicles her attempt not only to press through resistance from the Obama Administration, but from her own network. FULL POST

Posted 11/9/14 at 9:54 PM | Wayne Nall

BOOK REVIEW: Stonewalled by Sharyl Attkisson (Part 1)

I just finished reading one of the most remarkable and yet disturbing books that I've come across in some time.

Former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson has written a blockbuster of a book with a blockbuster title: Stonewalled: My Fight For Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama's Washington. Despite the attempts to denigrate her in the media (which ironically follows the same pattern of "controversializing" an opponent which she describes in her book), she is eminently qualified to write this book. She has been a working journalist for more than thirty years (over twenty years of that time being with CBS News) and has been described in the Washington Post as a "persistent voice of news-media skepticism about the government's story." She is the recipient of five Emmy Awards and an Edward R. Murrow Award for investigative reporting . Her work has appeared on the CBS Evening News, CBS Sunday Morning, 48 Hours, and CBS This Morning. Up until recently, Sharyl Atkisson has been "an insider's insider." She has done multiple investigative stories critical of both Republicans and Democrats. FULL POST

Posted 10/18/14 at 7:33 AM | Wayne Nall

"Church Etiquette" - Wisdom From A Bygone Age

One of our church members recently brought me an old bulletin from a nearby church that she found stuck away in a book. It was dated January 10, 1963. The front of it was entitled “Church Etiquette.” As I read these, I was amazed at the wisdom in many of these points. I don't necessarily subscribe to every one of these, but overall I found them to be quite helpful.

We live in a ultra-casual age. Where people used to dress up for public functions, whether it was work, church, or some kind of other event, but now it's "anything goes." Actually, I admit that I like some of this. I often don’t wear a suit and tie to church, and we have members that come in all types of garb. I would much rather someone come to church in a pair of ratty jeans and a shirt with holes in it than not come to church at all! FULL POST

Posted 10/10/14 at 10:45 PM | Wayne Nall

These 300 Year Old Resolutions Are Still True Today!

Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

 Jonathan Edwards (October 5, 1703 – March 22, 1758) was a Christian preacher, philosopher, and theologian. Edwards "is widely acknowledged to be America's most important and original philosophical theologian," and one of America's greatest intellectuals. (Wikipedia) He was one of the leaders during the First Great Awakening and saw some of the first tent revivals in America.

Those the words were written almost three hundred years ago (and contain some rather archaic language!), they still challenge us today… FULL POST

Posted 9/28/14 at 7:18 PM | Wayne Nall

God Can Do Things in Prayer That Are Just so Cool!

God can do things in prayer that are just so cool...

Just this morning, I was praying for a friend of mine and his wife, Kenneth and Glynis Kintsel...a missionary couple who have a ministry to Latin America. I knew that they were flying out of Miami sometime today to enter a country south of Miami to minister to the church there. (I'm not going to name the country, but you probably can figure out an island nation that is not very hospitable to Christians.) As I was praying for them, I felt that I should text them to let them know that I was praying for them as they enter a potentially dangerous situation. After I texted him, I felt compelled to add to my prayer that there not be any problems in customs as they bring important religious material into this country. I hadn't thought of that (which may seem rather obvious, but it just hadn't occurred to me until that moment.) until I sent the text.

 Less than a minute later, my friend called me. He thanked me for praying for him, and told me that they would be boarding the plane in about ten minutes. He then asked for an additional prayer request...that I pray that they not have any problems in customs with the religious material they were taking to the people of this country! Exactly what God had just put on my heart to pray for! Wow! I told him, "Brother, I just prayed this for you seconds ago!" God is working! FULL POST

Posted 9/27/14 at 8:23 AM | Wayne Nall

Oklahoma Beheading: Let's Call It What It Is!

 I was at work yesterday waiting on customers in what was an unusually slow day. During one break, I checked my Twitter feed and began to see all these tweets about a woman being beheaded in Oklahoma. Wow! This must be a huge story!

So I pop over to the home page of CNN...Nothing

 Fox...nothing yet.

 ABC, CBS, NBC...Nothing

 Must have just happened...

 We got busy and I checked back a few hours later...

 Well, there it is front page on Fox...fairly detailed article.

 CNN...Crickets (you've got to be kidding me!) FULL POST

Posted 9/1/14 at 8:41 AM | Wayne Nall

The High Cost of Inaction

Consider the following scenario:

  • Rising powers in Europe and Asia with militaristic ambitions begin to gobble up land, while the western world stands idly by.
  • A war-weary public in western Europe and the United States ignore the pretensions of would-be dictators.
  • Isolationism in America reaches a decades-long high.
  • Western leaders, without a clear strategy to deal with multiple crises that begin to envelop the globe, lurch from one policy to another, as one country after another falls victim to fanatical dictators.
  • Thousands, then tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands of innocent people die in military conquests as the west frantically tries to ignore the burgeoning crises.

Am I talking about the world today? It sure sounds like it! However, I'm actually talking about the world in the years just prior to the start of World War II. As a student of history, I've been just as fascinated by how the world got to such a global conflagration as I have been about the war that ensued after the years of 1937-1939. FULL POST

Posted 3/12/14 at 12:06 PM | Wayne Nall

Thoughts At Fifty - Living Between The Dash

I turned fifty today. I was thinking this morning about why that people dread getting old. Obviously, the older you get, the more difficult life becomes, and I don't especially look forward to that part. I'm trying to do a few things health-wise now that I hope will cushion that blow. Eating better and more exercise. For most folks, though, I think the reason they dread getting old is the way they look at life. Most see life kind of like an hourglass. You know, it starts out with all the sand in the top. At the end of the hour, it's all trickled down to the bottom. According to this analogy, it's likely that there is a lot more sand in the bottom of my hourglass than in the top

However, I like to use a different analogy for life. I look at life like a race--not a sprint race, but more like a marathon. You see, life shouldn't be spent waiting around for all the sand to run out of the hourglass. God has given each of us a race to run, a marathon to complete. Like an actual race, the runners start out strong. Maybe they cruise through the first few miles, but as they get to the middle of the race and push towards the end, more and more runners just drop out. It just gets too rough. But the few that remain are so focused on the goal line, that they don't worry about the pain they're experiencing in the present. They just know that there is a goal out there to push for that will make it worth it all. The good runners (I'm not one, so I'm only writing from what I've heard from others) learn to ignore the pain. Even to embrace the pain. As the old adage is-no pain, no gain! FULL POST

Posted 3/3/14 at 8:40 PM | Wayne Nall

Five Secular Reasons To Support Traditional Marriage-Part 2

I continue my series here in support of traditional marriage. To start at the first post, click this link to "What Is Marriage?"

In my post last week, I began outlining five secular (or non-biblical) reasons to support traditional marriage and to not support the new revisionist "same-sex" version of marriage. I covered the first two reasons "Redefining marriage is harmful to children" and "Redefining marriage will bring great harm to society as a whole". I cover the last three reasons here: FULL POST

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