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The Horrific Iran Deal

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Below is a letter that I wrote to my Congressman, Larry Bucschon, and both of my senators in Indiana, Senators Coats and Donnelly. "If you feel as strongly as I do about this horrific deal (I use that word "horrific" very sparingly. It is well-deserved in this case!), I would encourage you...no, I implore you, to speak up against this deal. Let your Congressmen know. Write a letter to the editor. Don't let this moment pass without doing something about it! (By the way, you are most certainly welcome to use anything from this letter when you write.)

If you are not familiar with the facts of this agreement, I would encourage you to educate yourself. I have included some resources at the bottom of this post that will help you be more informed about this.

Dear (Congressman/Senator),

There are many important issues facing you in Congress when you get back from August recess. However, I believe there is nothing more important facing Congress than the vote on the Iranian nuclear agreement. This is very likely the most important vote that you and your colleagues will ever make. It could be the most important vote in Congress of the decade. Perhaps even of the century. It is that important.

It’s hard to even write these words, but our government has made an agreement with a radical terrorist state. A state that is the prime sponsor of terrorism in the world. Worse than Al-Qaida. Worse than Boko Haram. Worse even that the Islamic State. With this agreement in place, Tehran will have $150 billion dollars at its disposal, which it will most certainly use to fund its vast terror network. The Iranian regime has vowed for decades to annihilate Israel. No other nation in the world has publicly stated as one of its goal to annihilate another country. We will be aiding and abetting Iran in its quest to destroy Israel. We are in fact becoming an accessory to what could be one of the greatest crimes in the history of civilization. God will certainly judge us for this. Not only this, but there is nothing in this agreement that prevents Iran from acquiring ICBM’s, which they are doing as I write this. As you know, there is only one reason for a country to acquire Intercontinental ballistic missiles. That reason is to send nuclear missiles to another continent. Guess which continent Iran wants to send these missiles to? It’s not Antarctica! As much as Iran hates Israel, it hates the U.S. just as much. Every Friday, the regime sponsors “Death to America” chants in its mosques. They call Israel “The Little Satan”. America is “The Great Satan”.

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