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Should Christian's Online Date?

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Religion has found its way into all the aspects of our life and for good I might add. Dating is just another industry and modern reglion has taken the responsibility of finding love for you in their hands with the help of algorithms and the internet. You might be reluctant to let a machine decide your future partner but take comfort in the fact that most people always are…. Until they try it. If you still do not trust it, then let’s just show science and the “internet people” some love and appreciate their effort, shall we?

Getting To Know YOU

So these scientists have also researched, studied and calculated the ideal time two daters should consider meeting each other in person after "hitting it off" online. Multiple universities have come up with different reports, but the winning study says this: ‘when Online Dating Partners Meet Offline: The Effect of Modality Switching On Relational Communications Between Online Daters’ tries to find a simple answer to the age-old question: how soon should you arrange a date with someone you’ve met online in order to have the best chance of hitting it off.

If you have given online dating a shot then you are probably aware of the drill. You meet someone who the algorithm thinks you are compatible with. An introductions turns into a casual flirtation creating a chain of messages back and forth. At this point, the one question ringing in both the daters mind is when you should ask to meet the other person but you also want to wait just because things have an equal chance getting ruined.

Finding out more about the person seems like a better idea any given day. Things you may want to know before taking things to a more serious level include any similar interest. Because you need to have something to talk about when you meet. Fidgeting your fingers isn't attractive. Yes, everyone has their own list of things they are looking for in a partner and a good sense of humor makes most of those list. In short, you just want to know what this person is like beyond their online dating profile.

The Sciencey Bit

The increasing numbers of scientists have sworn to make your life easier and safer. The study mentioned above suggests waiting too long to meet in person cannot be good either. You cannot live happily married online and anyway, there is only so much you get to know about a person over wireless signals.
We are going to make this as painless as possible, you know like ripping the band-aid really fast so it hurts less. The above mentioned study further suggests that the longer you wait to meet the other person, higher the chances of being disappointed. Sorry!

This has been analyzed after studying how successful meeting offline has been after and the amount of back and forth that has taken place before meeting offline. After WOW Date, who review the best dating sites they foun that 400 online dating users over the course of a year, scientists have reached a conclusion. Meeting within 17-23 days of online communication has healthier chances of a successful date and maybe even a following date.

Associate Professor in the Dept. of Communication at University of Florida, Artemio Ramirez, conducted a research and said up till a meeting in person, impressions of one another are building well. This is the ideal time to meet and delaying it will just reduce the chances of hitting it off.

Great Expectations

Lets just face the bitter truth. Nobody lists their bad habits or any negative traits online. And the easy available Photoshop tutorials on the internet can create a deceiving look quite effortlessly.
Looks aside, is it possible to peek into someone's soul and know their intentions all with just a profile answering a couple of basic question. Once you start conversing, you get a pretty neat impression of them because an online stranger will tell you only what they want you to know. Convenient for the one transmitting end but not the receiving end, don't you think?

There is a famous story usually told for reference. It goes like this. There were once three blind feeling an elephant. One man felt the trunk and said it was a rope. The second felt the led and said it was a tree. The third feeling the tusk said it was a solid pipe. If you have seen an elephant, you know it’s neither of those things. Moral of the story is do not be blind and let your imagination fill the gaps. A person cannot be molded, modified or tailored according to your likes. The longer you imagine something, the more you believe it to be true and you no longer need hard evidence. This reason should be enough to convince you that arranging a meet up will save you a ton of disappointment and self-doubt.

All reasons aside, is it really logical to wait on one particular person for months, invest time and energy without no assurance? If you doubt online dating as a whole, then just think of it like that: trying hasn't harmed anyone.

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