Winds of change and winds of the spirit

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Posted 3/15/17 at 3:10 AM | selwyn perry


Gabriel's thesis, 'The beginning of everything' goes beyond Darwin to the beginning of time itself. The young scientist demonstrates how time is the mathematical blueprint of God's creation culminating in the earth's zero climax. Gabriel's friend, Rachel, is a highly intelligent Jewish girl who suffers from autism. Nevertheless, her thesis, 'The psychology of insanity', astounds psychologists and psychiatrists by her ability to diagnose, explain and cure mental disorders through her study and knowledge of the mind, the laws of physics and the nervous system.
This story is not a fantasy but a prophetic space odyssey that comes as a shock to the world, and a new age in which Gabriel and Rachel have major roles.
I must explain that this story is fiction except where I have told the truth, and as the truth is what a thing is, it cannot be mistaken for lies.

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I was once shown three pictures of the trinity by an Anglican priest. Each picture was a landscape which when put side by side was each part of one landscape. The artist was saying that God is like one landscape which if divided by three is still one. The wonder of art is that it can grasp a truth without words. Language cannot always say what a thing is whereas a picture can make it as clear as crystal. Poetry, like a picture can do the same, where prose becomes cumbersome and misleading.

But is there a literal explanation of the trinity, or must we believe that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one God beyond words? As you may know there is no mention of the trinity in the Scriptures but there are verses that refer to Jesus as the Word that, at the beginning, was with God and was God.1 Another text appears in Hebrews saying, 'Thy throne O God is for ever and ever, and the sceptre of justice and the sceptre of his kingdom. Thou hast loved right and hated wrong; therefore O God, thy God, has set thee above thy fellows.'2
And most certainly St. Paul's letters speak of the Lord Jesus as the image of God3 and in him the complete being of God, by God's own choice came to dwell.4 So there is every reason to think that although the Scriptures do not mention the trinity, Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandre, in the 4th century, thought it was implied, and the trinity was confirmed by the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. The Nicene Creed upheld the belief that Jesus is 'God of God, light of Light, true God of true God, begotten not made, of one being with the Father....' Which became the bedrock of Christian theology.
Of course, if Jesus is the Son of God, conceived by the Holy Ghost, then he is most truly God's only Son. What better words are there than the Nicene Creed to describe his divine origin. A simple human analogy will verify this: 'a son born of his father must be man of man, true man of true man, begotten not made, of one being with his father...' The son is both a man in his own right, and a man of mankind, or man according to man's family nature.
This makes complete sense but there is one striking difference. This difference is in the attributes of the father and his son. The son is not like the father in every respect. His gifts, abilities and powers may be very different and his authority more so.
Similarly, Jesus is everything that the Nicene Creed says, yet with one striking difference . The difference is in the Father's authority over the Son, in the Father's omniscience and knowledge of times and things to come. This means that although Jesus is God of God by nature he is not God of God in knowledge and attributes. As Jesus said, 'The Father is greater than I,5 and the Father is the only true God.6
If then we wish to speak of God as the greatest of all beings, then God the Father almighty is God alone, and that corresponds with what the Apostles Creed says: 'I believe in God the Father almighty.'
But if we wish to speak of Jesus as God, as the landscape's oneness of God portrays, then Jesus is God by nature and offspring, not by attributes. Jesus is God's being, begotten of the Father, and is truly the Son of God.

Posted 2/25/17 at 9:49 PM | selwyn perry

The New Earth (extract from Gabriel to be published soon)

The Transition from old earth to New Earth
Ezekiel discerned their thoughts. The transition from old earth to New Earth would be like living in the past but not in old earth's past because old earth's past was nothing like New Earth's beginning. And old earth's progress through the centuries was more like old age, not evolution. Man's ages and eras were destructive and mechanical like weapons of war, mass production, machinery and mass media. All these so called leaps in man's progress were, in fact, his downfall and the disintegration of the earth itself.
As their airship crossed the north Atlantic sea and approached the west coast of Africa, Ezekiel pointed out the fertile coast line and the delta of rivers that poured into the sea.
'Everything is new and the rivers are clean and fertile with fish and plants. The balance of nature is what makes New Earth so different from old earth,' he said out loud.
'I have been trying to imagine what changes I will have to make to live in such a beautifully balanced world,' said Fiona.
'The changes will be gradual. As you feel your feet you will forget all about old earth's glamour, money and what money can buy. You will be able to wear good clothes, eat good food and build better houses than were ever built on old earth,' said Ezekiel. FULL POST

Posted 12/17/16 at 10:59 PM | selwyn perry

True bible facts about our world


Whether we are aware of it or not, everything is either true and real or out of true and false. This is because things are what they are, or what they are not. This becomes clear when we discover that the world is not flat, the sun does rise and set, and the earth does not stand still. What was once clear is no longer so because for thousands of years philosophers and scientists believed what they saw with their eyes. The earth looked flat, the sun appeared to move from east to west and then disappear, and the earth did not seem to move. All common mistakes from thinking with our eyes.
What was true about these things was not visible. And the truth had first to be imagined before it could be believed and proved. To think with our eyes is to see things only as they appear to us and not as they are in themselves. How do we know then that a thing is 'out of true' and unreal'.

The blind spot in what our ancestors saw was the earth. They did not see the earth moving or turning so they imagined the earth to be stationary. The earth they believed was the centre of the universe around which our sun and planets orbited. The knowledge that night and day was due to the earth revolving on its own axis in relation to the sun, was not observable to the ancient scientists.
The planets in the night sky were seen just as we see them today but whilst they were believed to orbit the earth like the sun, the astronomers knew that their appearance in the sky should have been different if the sun orbited the earth. Since their appearance was due to the sun's rays their position and appearance in space should have been different. FULL POST

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Gabriel and the beginning of everything


 'I think God is beyond science so how can he be known. That is the problem, Rachel.'
'That does seem to me to be a problem for science but not for God.'
'Because God can make himself known. He is the only one who knows how everything began. Our first parents must have known God, too. They were God's creation. Would God have created them without telling them that they were his creation and that he loved them. Would a mother not hold her child and love it, talk to it and teach it how to speak? If a mother does that surely God does also.'

From Gabriel and the beginning of everything. To be published.

Posted 12/7/16 at 8:13 AM | selwyn perry

A Letter to America from Australia

A letter to America from Australia

The Victorian State Government is preparing legislation to legalise euthanasia in 2017. This is not a new attempt to alter the law by giving dying people the right to die peacefully. The fear of pain and suffering, of being unable to die without misery and sorrow is a cry from the heart. And the Northern Territory too has long been in favour of a change in the law to legalise death by mercy killing. Where people live in remote areas of Australia palliative services to comfort and help dying people through their last days are sometimes out of reach. So the desire to legislate mercy killing is, for them, a legitimate concern.
But there is more feeling than thought in this legislation. For over 5000 years mercy killing has not been allowed because life is sacred and because western civilisations inherited laws that were made to protect life from being disposed of for any reason. The chief reason is that human beings are sinful and are capable of taking life for utilitarian reasons, for self interest, money and ambition, for inheritances and power. A recent comment on TV by Dick Smith, a well known business man who opposes this legislation said, 'The goal posts can easily be moved,' meaning that the reasons for terminating life, once approved, may be made without number, as in abortion, once only performed if the mother's life was in danger, can now be obtained almost on demand because many women claim that they have a right to do with their bodies what they like.
I can visualise a time, if this law is passed, when, to save money, people will be encouraged to die to save the government money and hospital beds. This type of legislation is naive and thoughtless, turning a blind eye to man's sinful and often ignorant nature, in favour of blind humanism. It is surprising to me how society forgets Hitler and the gas chambers, Nuremberg, the bombing of Nagasaki, and the crucifixion of Christ.
Let us not let feelings turn our backs on reality and let courage and bravery rule our dying days.

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The Outsiders and the keepers of the ring


Would you like to read a story about three children who discover their mother through her diary. She died in an accident when they were small. This is a story based on factual English and Australian history.nYou may download this book in PDF format free of charge on

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Winds of Change


The winds of change are sweeping through America. Unexpected and unimaginable changes have shocked everyone in the western world. A man who has never been a politician or a governor of any state is to be the President of the United States of America. In my lifetime I have seen many unexpected things.

I was born prior to World War 2 when Hitler was trying to win Britain on side against the world. The British Prime Minister comforted the British people with the words 'Peace in our time', but it was not to be. As Germany invaded Poland, Britain could not stand by and let Hitler's Germany take Poland or any other nation.
I lived through that dreadful war which killed 70 million men who were sacrificed to win freedom and peace from tyranny. I was only six years old when Germany's flying bombs exploded on our town; when London was blitzed, when Liverpool was torn apart, when Coventry was bombed.
Italy and Japan backed Germany, and America lost a whole fleet of ships in Pearl Harbour when Japanese planes bombed them. These events still remind us of what nations can do to each other. From those memories the 'triple alliance' has been welded to resist and counter terrorism. FULL POST

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Letter to America from Australia

God's Rule

. What we are witnessing in America is a galvanized reaction to liberalism, free trade and globalization.Many Americans believe that liberalism has failed them. But a nation is judged by God and blessed by God. It is not democracy that makes a nation great, or the election of one party instead of another.

With the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States of America, we are seeing the desire for a strong, safe and peaceful era. Socialism is too weak to oppose the forces of capitalism and too idealistic to govern the real world. Liberalism and free trade, deregulation and off shore businesses weaken the USA and Australia's economy, lowers job opportunities and engenders unsafe political interests abroad.

It is true that whatever political system is adopted a country is only as good as its leaders and as bad as its divisions. A democracy requires responsibility, politically and socially. . A true leader asks God for wisdom to rule, like Solomon did.

Posted 11/15/16 at 10:37 AM | selwyn perry

Civil Rights

THE TRUTH: If you know what a thing is you know what it isn't

No man has a civil right to marry another man because marriage is the lawful biological union of one man with one woman and their offspring, not the sexual union of one man with another man's rectum, which is uncivilised, the chief cause of AIDS and against the laws of nature.

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