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Posted 1/21/16 at 11:11 PM | selwyn perry



Whether we are aware of it or not, everything is either true and real or out of true and false. This is because things are what they are, or what they are not. This becomes clear when we discover that the world is not flat, the sun does rise and set, and the earth does not stand still. What was once clear is no longer so because for thousands of years philosophers and scientists believed what they saw with their eyes. The earth looked flat, the sun appeared to move from east to west and then disappear, and the earth did not seem to move. All common mistakes from thinking with our eyes.
What was true about these things was not visible. And the truth had first to be imagined before it could be believed and proved. To think with our eyes is to see things only as they appear to us and not as they are in themselves. How do we know then that a thing is 'out of true' and unreal'.

The blind spot in what our ancestors saw was the earth. They did not see the earth moving or turning so they imagined the earth to be stationary. The earth they believed was the centre of the universe around which our sun and planets orbited. The knowledge that night and day was due to the earth revolving on its own axis in relation to the sun, was not observable to the ancient scientists.
The planets in the night sky were seen just as we see them today but whilst they were believed to orbit the earth like the sun, the astronomers knew that their appearance in the sky should have been different if the sun orbited the earth. Since their appearance was due to the sun's rays their position and appearance in space should have been different. FULL POST

Posted 12/8/15 at 2:06 AM | selwyn perry


Passion is like a forest fire,
Roaring through the forest floor,
Flames leaping high and higher,
Devouring all that was before.

But love is like a gentle breeze,
Caressing forest leaves and trees
And like a hidden stream
Watering everything.

Passion is spent by its own excess,
Leaves only charred remains;
No more heat, no more flames,
Breathless, no more air, no more care.

But loves gentle breeze
Leaves everything the same,
Unspoiled, unscorched, unspent,
Undetered to breathe loves air again.

Passion is like strained tea leaves,
In a sieve weak, tasteless, spent,
Or like a cigarette, puffed and blown,
Gone, to ashes went

Posted 11/27/15 at 12:57 PM | selwyn perry

Seeing the church


The Church is born of God. The Church has no human origin; but it is rather a new creation, hidden from the eyes of society. That is why no one can see the true church. And also why no one can see a true Christian, except as Jesus said: ‘By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. (John 13:35) St. John also said, ‘Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action. And by this we will know that we are from the truth and will reassure our hearts before him. (1 John 3:18-19) This is also the test of our own sincerity and faith.
The knowledge of God is both personal and mutual, and it must be personal before it can be communal, for this is not an ideology, a religious philosophy, or a political body, but the gift of God. For Jesus first appeared to individuals who became his followers, one by one. It was to them that Jesus revealed himself to be the Messiah, the Son of God. He did not reveal himself to the crowds for they would have forced him to be their political leader and to use his powers to make war against their enemies. This almost happened when he fed five thousand people from five loaves and two fishes. (John 6:15) FULL POST

Posted 10/4/15 at 5:08 AM | selwyn perry


Spring bursts out all over, no half measures, no holding back as if unsure of itself. It comes! The Chinese say ‘Chun tian dao le!’ Spring has arrived. This is the miracle of Spring. It is new life waking up after a long winter of icy cold days. Spring turns everything around. A dry bleak ground hard with frost becomes soft and lush with green grass. And then, like a celebration of God’s creative imagination and artistry, Spring shows its true colours and joy. Daffodils, hyacinths, primroses, tulips, irises and many other flowers open their buds and cover the ground with their beauty and splendour. Trees, dark bare skeletons of winter’s lifeless wind and snow, suddenly look majestic in their buds, leaves and blossoms. Warm air wafts the scents of flowers and blossoms across meadows and downs, hills and valleys. Skies look bluer and the sun brighter. Birds wake up with the light and start chirping their songs. They flit about from tree to tree and when shadows fall in the twilight hour they gather together and sing full throated anthems to the Creator.

Springtime is the recreation of the first Spring. Eleanor Farjeon, {1881-1965} composed the hymn, ‘Morning has Broken, Like the first morning...’ Everything that we experience now had its first morning, its first day, its first sunlight and flowers, its first Spring. The very first Spring could hardly be more miraculous than this one but as Farjeon points out the first morning was ‘Fresh from the Word of God.’ Behind that One Word is the Creator who brings everything to life. FULL POST

Posted 9/12/15 at 8:56 PM | selwyn perry

The laws of nature

Same sex marriage is against the laws of nature for Marriage is the biological union of one man and one woman with the expectation of children. Homosexual marriage is biologically impossible. The facts alone, whether stated from the bible or not, establish the truth that marriage is more than a legal ceremony or a law that permits homosexual marriage. The laws of nature are natural and normal whereas homosexual marriage is unnatural and abnormal. Homosexual supporters should be ashamed that they are ignoring the facts of nature and the reality of marriage.

Posted 6/7/15 at 2:36 AM | selwyn perry


How can we ask our Jewish brothers and sisters to believe in God? They already know there is One God and that he chose them to be his people. Not only did he choose them but through them the salvation of the world. It is as Jesus said to a Samaritan woman, ‘Salvation comes from the Jews.’ (John 4:22) Christians throughout the ages have forgotten this simple fact, and their bishops and priests have driven Christians and Jews further apart by making God appear blasphemous to them. Christians have made Jesus appear to be what he denied and what no Jew can believe. They have made Jesus appear to be God beside which there is no other. The reason is this: the doctrine of the Trinity.
The doctrine of the trinity gives rise to the misunderstanding that Jesus Christ is the same being as God in essence and attributes, coequal with his Father in heaven. Hence, the trinity states that there is One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or three persons in One God. However, in a Scriptural sense this is not so, neither in the Old or New Testament. God is the One beside which there is no other as the Old and New Testaments verify. This is what Jesus also says, ‘My Father is greater than I.’ Therefore, if God is the greatest of all beings then there is only one God, the Father Almighty as the Apostles Creed confesses.
Who then is Jesus? As the Scriptures say, Jesus is the Son of God, and just as a human son born of his father is MAN or Mankind, so Jesus is Divine or God-kind. But that is very different from saying the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are God, undivided and coequal. A human son born of a king is most certainly the king’s son and flesh of his flesh but he is not the King and there lies the difference between the King’s son and the King. The difference is one of power and preexistence, authority and parentage.
There is a subtle difference between identifying Jesus as God’s Son and for that reason going on to say, he is ‘light of light, true God of true God, begotten not made and of one being with the Father,’ and from this concluding that Jesus is God in exactly the same way as God, the Father is God, for that disregards parentage, preexistence, identity and attributes. Scripture clearly differentiates all of these from the Son who is the Father’s own kind but not the Father’s own identity, omniscience or almighty power.
It is true that the consanguinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is real because consanguinity means likeness or affinity and of the Son, descent. But these subtle, fine distinctions are more philosophical than theological. The distinctions between Father, Son and Holy Spirit are much more than nominal. They are substantial.
There is a homoousius consanguinity between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The word Homoousius, a Greek word, was used to identify the identical nature or essence of the Father and Son at the Council of Nicea is 325 AD. But the trinity, from which this homoousius consanguinity was finally concluded at the Council of Constantinople in 381, was inappropriate and insubstantial to draw the conclusion that consanguinity means coequalness in attributes, omnipotence or omniscience. A human son may well have the same flesh and blood as his father but that does not mean that he has the same authority, attributes or power. This is the mistake of drawing a conclusion that the Father and Son have the same nature and therefore the same authority, attributes and omniscience. Scripture does not support this conclusion.
The Council of Nicea politicised the early church making it an arm of the empire and all who call themselves Christian governments ever since. The Jews have suffered so much throughout the ages because of their faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I believe it is time to recognise that those who believe in the Jewish faith are our brothers and sisters and we have much to learn from them. It is from them that the roots of Christian faith grew in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians forget too, that it was God’s will that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world. The high priest at the time prophesied that one must die for the nation. And it took place as he said. But it was also the Jews, the priests and the apostles who believed in his resurrection and the gift of faith that God gave to his chosen people.
I owe so much to the Jewish people. When I was young the person I was employed by was a Jew and a Justice of the peace. He helped me enormously to finance my studies and become a Christian writer. Let the words of Jesus fill our hearts with the truth that salvation comes from the Jews.

Posted 5/17/15 at 1:53 AM | selwyn perry


It is sunny today and the blushing clouds
Are fleeing away,
As if they thought the sun would never appear
To rule the day,
Ashamed, no doubt, to be caught filling the sky
With black bleak tyranny,
Storming heaven as if it were their domain to rid
Heaven of sunrise song and sunset's serendipity.

To rain down storms, hailstones and fire
And whip up winds that never tire,
To make an end of clear blue skies,
And bring down hell on earth, with triumphant cries
'No more peace! no more songs of praise!
Only endless, unending fields of graves!'

How full of laughter the dark clouds roar,
How rich in rain and ecstatic glee,
To oust heavens king from shining bright
Who fills the sky with light and sight,
And makes darkness grim and bold
O'er cities, dank, damp and cold,
Brings sadness, misery, and sorrows told
Of hell's rule in heaven's space
Of tyranny and disgrace.

These scenes are figures of reality,
Born out of man's futility,
His inability to see heaven's hope
To rid mankind of hell's repose,
Of wealth and pride, of wars and lies
That silence truth, love and ties,
Of mothers who give birth and die,
Of wounds that tear their flesh apart
And babies whose lives may never start.
Or know their mothers loving arms,
That yearned to hold them from all harms. FULL POST

Posted 4/28/15 at 9:11 PM | selwyn perry

The Biological Clock

The word biological would suggest to me that there is a logic in nature that, like a clock, has a rhythm and a pace that is regular and timely. If that is so then how is life meant to be lived? Are we to live like a clock, watching every minute or second that ticks? Are we to regard ourselves as machines, that like a clock, keep ticking over irrespective of how we live? No but like a clock that has a maker who regulates it and sets the time, so we have a Maker who has made our biological clock to correspond with the sun and planetary clock but more importantly to mind and spirit.

We are not machines. Nor is the biological clock a machine. The biological clock is not regulated or set like a timepiece but has a psychosomatic nature. It cannot be separated from the mind for it is a mind related substance. The proof of that is something you can test for yourself at any time and be fully convinced that the body is not a machine.

If you know what a thing is then you also know what a thing isn’t. This is just as true of the biological clock as it is of a timepiece. Both have things in common but they are very different from each other. A timepiece has no emotions, no thoughts and no will to determine its own time or being. Not so the biological clock. Check this out for yourself. When you feel embarrassed do you not blush? What is blushing but the dilation of tiny blood capillaries in your skin that respond to the feeling of embarrassment. When you are afraid does not your heart beat faster? Check it out and you will see that it does. Have you ever had a lump in your throat or a headache? Every cell of your body is responsive to your mind automatically through what is called the autonomic nervous system. Through the autonomic nervous system your thoughts and emotions can actually produce biological and psychological disorders. FULL POST

Posted 4/28/15 at 8:21 AM | selwyn perry

What's in a day?

The clouds building up on the skyline. The colours of the autumn leaves in the garden where I walk. Flowers of late autumn, deep purple, bright red; petals like hands clasped in prayer. What's in a day that I can't take away and keep in my room where the fire burns brightly and the pictures on the wall keep watch over the hearth?
As shadows lengthen and the moon rises, the dark line of the hills merge with the sky.
Sleep comes easily.

Do not, in a day, let your mind be the depository of the worlds charms or miseries, the glamour or gloom of fallen stars, or the newsreel pouring out phenomenal matters of state. Let your mind be kept like the inside of a temple, which it is, (1 Corinthians 6:19) and let nothing enter that does not do so reverently, so that whatsoever things are pure and holy may find peace and joy there. (Philippians 4:8) Blot out the street, the market and the TV screen's sensations and let your mind dwell in God's daily presence within, and in flowers, trees, birds and skies without.

I have for too long lived in the swamp of media stench. This year I made a decision to live more like a stranger in the world, one who passes through the towns and cities and out of them like Lot out of Sodom. I am not a consumer and life is not a product to be bought or watched on a screen. Life is too precious to be treated like a murky pond.

Posted 4/28/15 at 5:01 AM | selwyn perry

Her grave

Her grave is on the hillside where she lays
Among the trees and flowers and natures ways:
Of Summer, Autumn, winter, spring,
And all that natures made to bring.

I sometimes stand there by her grave
And think of lives we tried to save;
Our baby boy, a few months old
Who lies with her in that ground so

He brought us joy and sorrow, both,
But must have known this world is loathe
To keep a treasure so divine,
So pure and loving, and so fine.

I know, of course, that they both sleep,
Like winter’s snow lies thick and deep;
Unseen, then life beneath begins to wake,
Rising from sleep, its life, death cannot take.

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