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Posted 1/17/11 at 8:16 PM | selwyn perry



What is faith really? It has nothing to do with believing that God exists, no more than believing that air or water exists. These are facts of our existence. They are not what we live for. Faith is born when we see and realise that God loves us. That is why it is God's gift. St. John puts the matter succinctly: 'We love him because he first loved us.' {1John 4:19 KJV} When we realise that God loves us more than we love any other being, however dear they are to us, then we learn that nothing whatsoever can separate us from God's love. And no one loves us as much as God does.
Let us consider this. Suppose you give birth to a child. You are the child's mother or father. Would you give up your baby to someone else who wants and loves your baby? Of course not. The question is absurd. So look at this from God's point of view. God is our Creator. He is our father and we are his children. There is no one who loves us more than he does. That is why in ancient Israel the first fruits of all we have are given to the Lord, a thanksgiving for his great love. {Leviticus 1:23f} God is not just a fact of our existence. He is our Creator who gave up his only Son to suffer and die on a cross that all might be saved from sin and sorrow, from a blighted future and eternal emptiness. FULL POST

Posted 12/28/10 at 2:34 AM | selwyn perry



What does every mother want most? Does she not want her baby to be strong, healthy and safe from harm? Is it not that her baby will put on weight and grow? Why does she frequently check its weight? Why does she worry if it loses weight, is fretful, cries and looks ill? She knows every healthy child puts on weight. She watches her baby continually. She waits eagerly for her baby to smile, to notice her, to play, to crawl, to walk and talk. The stages of growth are so well defined that a mother watches to see if her child is normal or backward.
So much needs to be done to protect her child from disease and trauma. Immunization against whooping cough, diphtheria, polio etc, can prevent these dreadful diseases that in previous centuries were responsible for so many childhood deaths. Every mother has these concerns in common. They meet each other at clinics and coffee shops and compare the progress of their children with pride and not a little jealousy.
There are some mothers who look far ahead. They register their child at a good school. If they are not rich mothers, they take out endowment policies to finance their child's future education at a university or advanced college of further education. They want their child to have the best in life. They rigorously examine what the world has to offer their child because they want their child to have great expectations. FULL POST

Posted 11/25/10 at 2:28 AM | selwyn perry



Shibboleths are likelabels. They indicate what is on the inside of a tin or a packet. Theadvertising industry uses labels to sell and impress their potential customersall the time. Another word for shibboleths is a catchword or phrase which isadopted by a party, sect, or political or religious authority, who then applythis shibboleth to their followers to identify and distinguish themselves, andby which those who are not their followers are excluded either from belongingto their party or their intellectual position. The worldwide church has passed through a long history of shibboleths, claims and counter claims of being thetrue church and the true Christian. The labels have been many’ Presbyterians,Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodoxy, Congregationalists, Methodistsand so on, all of which are shibboleths of one kind or another, distinguishing themselves and excluding others. In recent years this sad history of dogmatism and intolerance has been appeased to some extent by the ecumenical movements eeking to unite Christians and Christian churches around the world. But rather than lessening the shibboleths and helping Christians to discern that the true church is not in forms but in Spirit, the bishops, professors and teachers,theological colleges and seminaries have only compounded the problem byintroducing new shibboleths that confound and confuse the issue further. FULL POST

Posted 11/20/10 at 9:43 PM | selwyn perry



We are one. That is not a hope but a fact for just as God is one and the body of Christ is one,so we cannot be anything other than one. That oneness is in Christ. We can never be one in ourselves or between ourselves for that is not our nature. Our nature is to be divided and opposed to one another. Oneness is much more than agreement. Agreement does not create oneness. If I think what you think we agree and that is all. But if I am one in Christ and you are one in Christ, then although we are two different persons, we are one in him. The oneness is being in Christ. For in him the whole universe is to be brought together with him as head. This oneness is not an intellectual nod of the head. It is seeing clearly and spiritually that Christ is Lord and no other. We walk by faith not by sight. Faith sees beyond the 'I believe this or I think that type of unity'.That is a very fragile and weak source of oneness. The source that truly unites one to another believer is faith in Christ as the source and only source of our oneness. You can't perhaps put that down on paper but then the good news is that we don't have to be legalistic or judgmental.

selwyn perry

Posted 11/20/10 at 9:22 PM | selwyn perry


Money is like weeds, the more you have the more you get, until eventually the weeds take over the whole garden. Nothing much grows there, flowers die out and the garden is an eye sore. Apply that thought to life. If money takes over the whole of your life nothing much will grow or look beautful in it.

Posted 11/12/10 at 11:32 PM | selwyn perry



There are few things that have greater importance in today’s world than the cost of living, the interest rate, the credit card, the stock exchange, the GDP, or company profits. There are few dreams that loom larger than wealth, prosperity and self advancement. This is the twenty first century where if you don’t have a bank account, an investment, a big income, house, car, computer and future prospects, you are nobody.  How does a Christian live in such a world? How does he follow Jesus Christ when the rest of the world doesn’t?

At one time, many centuries ago, it was a crime to charge interest on money lending. The bible called it usury. {Exodus 22:25} The Koran also forbade usury. There were good reasons for this. To be in the power of a money lender might easily lead to a prison sentence or slavery with no one to redeem the borrower. Jesus was well aware of this and frowned upon merciless lenders who refused to write off bad debts. {Matthew 18:27 NRSV} There were no bankruptcy laws then to cushion the blow of insolvency and avoid the wrath of a money lender.
Today, the banks are the perpetrators of usury, or money lending, on a massive scale. They are the parasites of nations, societies, and the poor around the world. The credit card, the mortgage, and the interest rate, combine to destabilize families and societies, resulting in massive debts and economic instability because, as we have recently seen, greed and covetousness are the root cause of our world economic crisis. Barak Obama, America’s president has been scathing in his attack on greed in American banking and financial institutions, openly acknowledging the moral failure of bank and company directors. FULL POST

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