Winds of change and winds of the spirit
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The mind's disorder tales place without our awareness of how or why delusions, hallucinations, obsessions, depressions and anxieties occur. But these aberrations do not take place randomly. They occur because the laws of mind are broken, just like a broken leg, needs to be recognised, treated and healed. Practical psychiatry makes this possible because the object of all law is order, attraction and motion. In physics orbiting planets are ruled by the force of gravity in their preset order and movements. Similarly, instincts, follow laws that are preset by God to preserve and reproduce human life. The law of reason is the higher rational law that understands, directs and controls the instincts to follow the laws of conscience, coexistence, family, government and society. These are psychological and social laws that are full of affection and emotion and are subverted only by will power and choice, wrong thinking or sinful desires. Nothing exists apart from God's will and laws, the law of love being the sole object and purpose of his Mind.

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