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Philosopher Frog on Property

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Photo: Flickr/Jody Roberts- Creative Commons


‘Hello Frog, I feel down in the dumps today.’
‘Why is that Toady.’
‘I have no property, Frog. I am a poor Toad. A church mouse lives in a church but my house is gone.’
‘But Toady I thought you lived in a burrow. Isn’t that true?’
‘In the winter, that’s all Frog. I sleep most of the time, so I live in a burrow but a burrow isn’t property, Frog.’
‘What is it then Toady?’
‘It’s a winter hole in the ground.’
‘Toady, where do you live?’
‘On a tree, under leaves, anywhere and everywhere where homeless Toads live. Sob, sob, sob.’
‘Don’t take on so Toady. If you sob like that you will fill my pond with tears.’
‘But it is your pond Frog. I have no property to call my own.’
‘Toady, if someone gave you a gift, who would the gift belong to? Whose property would it be?’
‘It would be mine.’
‘Toady, are you alive?’
‘Why do you ask, Frog? Of course I am alive.’
‘Who gave you life, Toady?’
‘Yes, who? You didn’t give life to yourself, did you?’
‘No, of course not. The answer to your question is easy. God gave me life.’
‘Then is life your property or someone elses?’
‘I never thought my life is a property, Frog.’
‘Well, Toady, your life is a property because it belongs to you and no one else.’
‘Yes, I do see what you mean, Frog. I don’t have a house but I have a life.’
‘And which is more valuable, Toady?’
‘A life! Yes, a life is more valuable, Frog.’
‘Tell me Toady, do you eat food?’
‘Of course I do, otherwise I would starve.’
‘Where does food come from, Toady?’
‘From God.’
‘Yes, you are right. God feeds the birds even though they don’t grow food and he feeds you. Who owns the food we eat?’
‘I don’t know Frog.’
‘Do you steal food, Toady?’
‘No, of course not, I am not a thief Frog.’
‘But if you don’t know who the food belongs to why do you eat it?’
‘I’m not a thief, am I Frog?’
‘No Toady you are not a thief. You are a thief if you steal food that belongs to someone else.’
‘But Frog I don’t know what food belongs to me and what doesn’t!’
‘That is because the food we eat belongs to everyone and to no one in particular.’
‘To everyone, Frog?’
‘Yes, Toady. God made the world for everyone and provided food for everyone.’
‘Oh, I see. Food is the property of everyone. I didn’t know that, Frog. But what if someone grows or stores their own food, like squirrels?’
‘Then that food belongs to them because they collected it or grew it themselves.’
‘Now I see, Frog. You have made it very clear, Frog. I have a lot of property haven't I?’
‘Yes, you do Toady. If you know what a property is Toady, you know what it isn’t.’
‘What do you mean, Frog?’
‘I mean a property is something that belongs to a property owner but many things like water, sunshine, air and the wild woods and fields are not properties because they belong to everyone.’
‘I felt so poor, Frog but now I feel so rich. Thank you Frog.’

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