Winds of change and winds of the spirit
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Philosopher Frog on Science Fiction

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Photo: Flickr/Vlastimil Koutecky - CC


‘Hello Frog!’
‘Hello Toad, what have you got there?’
‘This is my science book, Frog. I’m learning science.’
‘Science? What kind of science are you learning frog?’
‘I am learning that everything is what it is by change and alteration, Frog.’
‘Change and alteration, Toady?’
‘Yes, it’s called evolution.’
‘Evolution isn’t science, Toady. It’s science fiction.’
‘Oh no Frog! This is a science book.’
‘Well, it says science on the cover. The publisher must have forgotten to add fiction.’
‘But frog, isn’t it true that everything is what it is by change and alteration?’
‘Toady, let me explain what a thing is.’
‘I’m listening, Frog.’
‘A thing is what it is, so if a thing is what it is, it can’t be something else can it?’
‘No it cannot.’
‘If everything is what it is by change and alteration, then what it is is not what it was, nor what it will be. Isn’t that true?’
‘Oh dear, what do you mean, dear friend?’
‘Well, look at it this way. If a thing evolves, changes and alters from what it was and becomes something else, it can never by anything. It can’t be what it is.’
‘But Frog if a thing isn’t what it is, what is it?’
‘It is only what it isn’t, Toady. God made everything to be what it is, not by change and alteration but by intelligent design and properties.’
‘What are properties, Frog?’
‘A property is what you own, Toady. It is yours, so properties are those things that belong to you, Toad and not to moles or hamsters. They are what you are made of.’
‘I see it all clearly now. Everything is what it is by design.’
‘Right Toady, so you must buy a science book that is not science fiction.’
‘I will, Frog, I will.’
‘Don’t forget, Toady, if a thing is bad it can’t be good. A man can’t be an elephant or an elephant a mouse. God made everything good and a good thing isn’t good by change and alteration because a good thing is what it is, good.’
‘Thanks Frog, I will remember that everything is what it is, not by change and alteration.’
‘Good, Toady, see you.’

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