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Philosopher Frog on Space

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‘Hello Frog!’
‘Hello Toady.’
‘I have a question that troubles me, Frog.’
‘What is it, Toady?’
‘I have been observing, Frog.’
‘What sort of things Toady?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘What is it you don’t know, Toady?
‘What it is. I can’t make up my mind what it is.’
‘Well, describe it to me, Toady.’
‘There is nothing to describe, Frog. It isn’t really a thing but a nothing.’
‘A nothing, Toady. You mean it doesn’t exist Toady?’
‘Yes, Frog, it doesn’t exist. It’s a nothing.’
‘How do you observe it if it doesn’t exist, Toady?’
‘ I observe it but it isn’t there.’
‘What isn’t there?
‘Space, Frog. Space.’
‘Do you observe space with your eyes, Toady?’
‘I can see it, Frog but it isn’t a thing but a nothing.’
‘No Toady, my friend, you don’t see it at all; you infer it.’
‘What does infer mean, Frog?’
‘It means you think space must be there because stars and planets are there in space.’
‘But what is space Frog if its a nothing?’
‘It’s not visible, that’s all, Toady. It’s there Toady but you can’t see it.’
‘But Frog, if it’s there what is it?’
‘As you said Toady, it’s not a thing; its bigger than a thing. It’s everywhere Toady and between everything and beyond everything.’
‘Oh, I see Frog! It’s not observable because it’s invisible.’
‘That’s right Toady, it is invisible but it is there. ’
‘How did it get there, Frog’
‘God put it there, Toady. When he made man he put the idea of space in their minds because only a mind can see space.’
‘Only the mind can see space, Frog?’
‘Yes Toady. The mind can know what is there even when it can’t be seen. It’s called extrasensory perception, Toady.’
‘Ext-ra-sen-sory what Frog?
‘Perception, Toady.’
‘What is that Frog? I have never heard of it at Toad School.
‘It means seeing without eyes, or feeling without touch, or hearing without ears, Toady.’
‘So space is extra-sen-sory then, Frog.’
‘Yes, Toady. Only the mind can see beyond things. Only the mind can imagine the unseen; and only the mind and soul can know God, because God created what is visible and invisible and gave us extrasensory perception to know both kinds of reality: what a thing is and what is not a thing.

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