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Professor Frog on Observation

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You are a canny Toad. What a shrewd question.

‘What is the matter Toad? You don’t look very happy.’
‘I can’t sleep Frog. I just can’t sleep. Do you know why I can’t sleep?
‘No, why can’t you sleep, Toady?’
‘Because you keep croaking, Frog. I sleep during the day but you keep croaking. Croak! Croak! Croak!’ How can I sleep, Frog?’
‘I am sorry for you Toad but you see I am a frog and that’s what I do. A horse neighs, a dog barks, a cock crows, a bee buzzes, birds sing, cats meehow, so you see Toad they are all known by what they do. A cat doesn’t sing, a horse doesn’t crow, a bee doesn’t sing, a dog doesn’t buzz. Everything is known by what it does. It’s designed to be what it is.’
‘Oh Frog, I see you are a philosopher frog. I never knew you were so clever. How do you know all these things?’
‘Why Toady, it’s nothing. I simply observe everything. Everything is known by what it does.’
‘Is that so? Are humans known by what they do?’
‘Of course, Toady. Didn’t you know that everything is known by what it does?’
'We were never taught that at Toad School, Frog. We were only taught the names of everything and everybody.’
‘That’s a pity Toady. If you only know their names you don’t know what they are. You see Toady God made everything and everybody to be like themselves, except humans, Toady.’

‘Aren’t humans like themselves, Frog?’
‘No, humans are like God. God made them like himself. A thing is what it is Toady. If you know that, you also know what it isn’t.’
‘So, you say humans are like God?’
‘Yes, Toad, they are.’
‘Is that why they are always making new things and are so intelligent.?’
‘Yes, that is correct Toady. They know how to create and design everything just like God does, save, of course they are not gods because although they can make things like God does, humans didn’t make themselves; God made them.’
‘Well, of course, anyone can see that. But Frog how do we know what a thing is if we can’t see it?’
‘Ah Toad! You are very clever. I didn’t mention things we can’t see or observe did I?’
‘No you didn’t,’ said Toad smiling broadly.
‘Then what kind of things are you talking about Toady?’

‘You live in a pond don’t you Frog?’
‘Most of the time, yes.’
‘Well, you can’t see water can you?’
‘True Toady. Water is invisible. I can see a reflection of myself in the water and I can see things in the water but the water is invisible.’
‘Well, Frog,’ here Toady smiled, ‘you know a thing by what it does. How do you know what water does if you can’t see it?’
‘Oh! Toady, you are a canny toad. Do you know Toady you have asked a very shrewd question. If a thing cannot be seen, it must be as you say, invisible. But it is there Toady or I couldn’t live in it or feel it. Isn’t that true?’
‘Why yes. I didn’t say it wasn’t there Frog. I asked you how you know what it does if you can’t see it?’
‘By what it does, Toady! Didn’t I tell you that you know a thing by what it does?’
‘But Frog, if you can’t see it how do you know what it does.’
‘Observation, Toady, observation.’
‘What do you observe if you can’t see it?’
Toad screwed his face up, all bumps and bubbles and stared hard at Frog.
‘It disappears, Toady!’
‘What! What did you say?’
‘It disappears. What happens during the winter when it is freezing cold. Doesn’t the water turn into ice?’
‘Oh, I see.’
‘And in summer when it is very hot, doesn’t the water evaporate and turn into vapour and disappear?’
‘Why, I would never have thought it, Frog. You really do observe things.’

‘Did you know Toady that we can see what water is made of?’
‘No, what is it made of Frog?’
‘It’s made of H20, Toady’
‘No! What nonsense Frog. I learned my letters and numbers at school and none of them are water.’
‘Don’t get angry Toady. I am not trying to trick you. Of course, water is not H20. H20 is a symbol of what water is made of.’
‘I can’t see everything with my eyes Toady but with my microscope I can see many things. I can see tiny molecules of things called elements.’
‘What are elements, Frog?’
‘They are pure substances. Water contains two elements of hydrogen and one of oxygen. Together they are H20. We can tell what these elements are by what they do Toady.’
‘By what they do, even though you can't see them?’
‘Yes, Toady. You see most of the universe is made of hydrogen and it burns like fire, Toady. That's why the stars are so bright. That’s what it does.’
‘And oxygen, Frog?’
‘Oxygen is what we breath to keep us alive, Today. It keeps us breathing and living Toady.’
‘I have on last question Frog.’
‘What is that, Toady?’
‘Do try not to croak so much. I am so tired and I want to go to sleep. That’s what I do, Frog at this time of day, because I am a toad.’
‘Of course, Toady, I will try to croak less.’
‘We can still be good friends, can’t we Frog?’
‘Why, of course we can. Good night Toady.’
‘Good night Frog.’

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