Winds of change and winds of the spirit
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It is sunny today and the blushing clouds
Are fleeing away,
As if they thought the sun would never appear
To rule the day,
Ashamed, no doubt, to be caught filling the sky
With black bleak tyranny,
Storming heaven as if it were their domain to rid
Heaven of sunrise song and sunset's serendipity.

To rain down storms, hailstones and fire
And whip up winds that never tire,
To make an end of clear blue skies,
And bring down hell on earth, with triumphant cries
'No more peace! no more songs of praise!
Only endless, unending fields of graves!'

How full of laughter the dark clouds roar,
How rich in rain and ecstatic glee,
To oust heavens king from shining bright
Who fills the sky with light and sight,
And makes darkness grim and bold
O'er cities, dank, damp and cold,
Brings sadness, misery, and sorrows told
Of hell's rule in heaven's space
Of tyranny and disgrace.

These scenes are figures of reality,
Born out of man's futility,
His inability to see heaven's hope
To rid mankind of hell's repose,
Of wealth and pride, of wars and lies
That silence truth, love and ties,
Of mothers who give birth and die,
Of wounds that tear their flesh apart
And babies whose lives may never start.
Or know their mothers loving arms,
That yearned to hold them from all harms.

Hell's tyranny laughs and smiles
To see the rubble and the piles
Of bodies gathered up and buried
Or burned on ground, and hurried,
To hide shame and senseless
Slaughter of fathers and mothers,
Sisters, brothers and many others
Dear and precious to families all
Never to be forgotten at their fall.

There is a word that all will call,
Peace! peace! They surely all will bawl,
For war is not the way to live in
Space we share with other kin,
Who want to see their children's
Children on their knee,
And sit with them for cakes and tea.
Wars will end for hell's reign is like
The blushing clouds that flee away
When sunlight brings another day/

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