Winds of change and winds of the spirit
6/8/17 at 11:41 AM 0 Comments


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Like all God's creation the laws of reason and sense are logical and visible. Hence the science of physics and geometry, psychology and mathematics, which could not possibly exist in a random universe. The mind also is not a random, thoughtless self awareness but a creative, powerful intellect that exists like God exists, able to know right from wrong, real from unreal, truth from fiction and love from hate. These are powers of mind that can cross space and time, know the presence of other minds and know God. It makes sense to have faith in God to achieve health and happiness, peace and coexistence, soundness of mind and self understanding. Faith however, is not believing a philosophy or creed but living by faith in God's love, guidance and reality. Faith, in fact, is like learning to ride a bicycle. The only way to learn is to ride it; like swimming, the only way to swim is to swim. Faith is always courageous and takes hold of God's promises to live by faith in his goodness and love. For it is living by faith that changes everything in mind and body. The gift of God's Spirit is life changing, life abundant and life giving. The teaching of Jesus Christ, God's Son, is the faith in God is eternal life which dramatically changes the way we think about death and the future.

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