Winds of change and winds of the spirit
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The New Earth (extract from Gabriel to be published soon)

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The Transition from old earth to New Earth
Ezekiel discerned their thoughts. The transition from old earth to New Earth would be like living in the past but not in old earth's past because old earth's past was nothing like New Earth's beginning. And old earth's progress through the centuries was more like old age, not evolution. Man's ages and eras were destructive and mechanical like weapons of war, mass production, machinery and mass media. All these so called leaps in man's progress were, in fact, his downfall and the disintegration of the earth itself.
As their airship crossed the north Atlantic sea and approached the west coast of Africa, Ezekiel pointed out the fertile coast line and the delta of rivers that poured into the sea.
'Everything is new and the rivers are clean and fertile with fish and plants. The balance of nature is what makes New Earth so different from old earth,' he said out loud.
'I have been trying to imagine what changes I will have to make to live in such a beautifully balanced world,' said Fiona.
'The changes will be gradual. As you feel your feet you will forget all about old earth's glamour, money and what money can buy. You will be able to wear good clothes, eat good food and build better houses than were ever built on old earth,' said Ezekiel.

 'We will help you,' said Simone. 'But everything you need to build happy and peaceful lives is here. The materials to build houses suitable for every climate and region on New Earth are all here. From the beginning you will learn to use and replenish New Earth. That is the secret of renewal, of never depleting New Earth's resources, of never allowing greed or avariciousness to take over healthy and happy ways of living and sharing New Earth's great benefits. God has created all this for you. He has put nothing on New earth that will harm you. He created all this for you because you are precious to him.'

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