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True bible facts about our world

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Whether we are aware of it or not, everything is either true and real or out of true and false. This is because things are what they are, or what they are not. This becomes clear when we discover that the world is not flat, the sun does rise and set, and the earth does not stand still. What was once clear is no longer so because for thousands of years philosophers and scientists believed what they saw with their eyes. The earth looked flat, the sun appeared to move from east to west and then disappear, and the earth did not seem to move. All common mistakes from thinking with our eyes.
What was true about these things was not visible. And the truth had first to be imagined before it could be believed and proved. To think with our eyes is to see things only as they appear to us and not as they are in themselves. How do we know then that a thing is 'out of true' and unreal'.

The blind spot in what our ancestors saw was the earth. They did not see the earth moving or turning so they imagined the earth to be stationary. The earth they believed was the centre of the universe around which our sun and planets orbited. The knowledge that night and day was due to the earth revolving on its own axis in relation to the sun, was not observable to the ancient scientists.
The planets in the night sky were seen just as we see them today but whilst they were believed to orbit the earth like the sun, the astronomers knew that their appearance in the sky should have been different if the sun orbited the earth. Since their appearance was due to the sun's rays their position and appearance in space should have been different.

According to the bible story twenty-four hours is our one day. This was created by God, by separating day from night and night from day. This is how God created every day and night: For God had made two huge lights, the sun and moon, to shine down upon the earth--the larger one, the sun, to preside over the day and the smaller one, the moon, to preside through the night; he had also made the stars. And God set them in the sky to light the earth. (Genesis 1: 14-17)
Here, in simple language God showed us his plan of how he made day and night and named the sun, moon and stars that would bring a great light to the day and a lesser light to the night. They would also bring the seasons of the year on earth and mark days and years precisely.
God set the sun, the moon and the stars in space. He put them there to carry out his purpose of making day and night on earth. The great light, the sun, rules over the day. It is so placed that the earth receives its light during the day only, which means either the sun moves away during the night or the earth moves away from the sun during the day. One of these propositions must be true, they cannot be both correct. For hundreds of years, according to scientists, the sun moved around the earth. The alternative point of view was not considered until the late middle ages, when scientist like Copernicus and Kepler questioned and demonstrated the alternative was possible. Scripture is very clear that the sun, moon and stars were fixed in space for the purpose of giving light to the earth. Now, think about this problem. If you build a fire in your house to keep you warm where would you build it? Of course, in a fireplace. It would be very dangerous if the fire moved wouldn't it? So it is logical to accept that a fire must be in a place where it doesn't move. God put the sun where it did not move. He set the sun in a safe place at the right distance from the earth where it would give warmth and light to the earth during the day. Now, just think about it. If the sun only shone on the earth during the day and did not move anywhere, then it must be the earth that moves away from the sun at night. What kind of movement? The only kind that would produce night is a rotating movement. So as the earth rotates it faces the sun for only half of its rotation and the night for the other half.

The dome is the diagram used to describe the sky in Genesis 1:6. It is an apt description of what the sky looks like. The dome of the sky in which the sun was set, is best seen at sea with no visible land on all sides, north, south, east or west. The horizon on all sides appears like the rim of a dome. Seen from a ship, the horizon appears and disappears as the ship moves in one direction or the another. That is because the earth is not flat but spherical and in space it has no boundaries. The boundaries are an illusion which cannot be reached because the closer to the boundary a ship goes it never gets less. Its apparent boundaries appear and disappear. If the earth were flat, like a plate, its boundaries would, at some distant point, be visible and not infinite. And just as these facts can only be discovered by a mind and not merely by sight, so likewise they could only have been created by a Mind able to comprehend the physics on mass and motion.

God made the universe to obey physical laws like a machine but he created human beings to obey holy and righteous laws of their own free will. Human life has no order or laws that are observable or mechanical, no two minds that are the same. The fact is that God created human beings to be like himself having the power of choice and the power of mind to create a good and wondrous world to live in according to his moral and spiritual laws. These, however, were not mechanical or automatic but voluntary according to man's free will. The laws God commanded were based on justice and love for all mankind and not merely for some and not for others. Love is justice and justice is love if you can see that. For example, God provides the crops and food for everyone in common, not so that a few might have more but that those who have more should share with those who have less. All these facts are true and they are also real. God loved Adam and Eve. He made them like himself and wanted them to obey his holy laws, only then could they become happy and live in peace. But they were easily deceived. They wanted to be wise in their own eyes and so lost the Paradise God created for them. So the world that exists today is man made following the dictates of human wisdom. That is why the world is full of sinful, selfish ambition. However, God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him might not perish but have eternal life and regain the Paradise lost. (John 3:16) This is the answer to this dying world's dilemma.

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