Winds of change and winds of the spirit
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When I have fears that I may never move
Or go again to where I've been,
Upon my bed I brood
In silent solitude.

I have thoughts of things that used to be,
Of windswept woods, of fires and floods,
Of summer days and seaside bays,
Fields of flowers and natures ways.

Why can't I rise and walk?
Why can't I laugh and talk?
What must I do to make your words come true?
Are my words too small, to weak, too few?

Please listen to my cry,
My tears, my sighs,
Is it because I am old that I lie upon this bed,
And suffer pain, fear and dread?

Have you abandoned me Lord
Like Jesus on the cross?
Have you forsaken me
To die in pain and never reign
O'er life's disdain?

'MY CHILD, for such you are,
Have you forgotten that I put you
In your mothers arms and fed you
With your mothers milk.
Have you forgotten that I am everywhere?
In days. In months in years,
In Christmas, Easter, Whitsuntide,
And always by your side?
At school and play, in every day.

My Child
I am in the seasons of the year,
The bare bleak winter snows and wind,
The springtime flowers and thaws
All are natures laws.
No less than now are they.

My Child
Have you forgotten I called you
To spread the gospel to the world,
Not by voice; that was not my choice
But to read my word and write
It down where it can be seen on
Paper and on Screen,
That my word may be known,
Not by every doctrine blown,
Or, like kings and queens religion
Owned, as if by them are sins atoned,
You know the truth My child that this
World is lost to me and thee.
So don't chide or question why
For natures laws are there
To keep you from the love
Of this world's care, from Satan's
Lies and earthly ties that fill you full of

My Child
His light's in the city, his light's in the
Town; his light's everywhere, for Jesus is
His light's in the country, his light's on the
Sea; his light's everywhere for Jesus loves
Thee; there's light in his dying, there's light in his
Grave; there's light in his rising, the whole world to
Save; there's light in the future, there's light in his
past; there's light in his coming again at last.
Praise his Holy name!

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