Winds of change and winds of the spirit
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Winds of Change

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The winds of change are sweeping through America. Unexpected and unimaginable changes have shocked everyone in the western world. A man who has never been a politician or a governor of any state is to be the President of the United States of America. In my lifetime I have seen many unexpected things.

I was born prior to World War 2 when Hitler was trying to win Britain on side against the world. The British Prime Minister comforted the British people with the words 'Peace in our time', but it was not to be. As Germany invaded Poland, Britain could not stand by and let Hitler's Germany take Poland or any other nation.
I lived through that dreadful war which killed 70 million men who were sacrificed to win freedom and peace from tyranny. I was only six years old when Germany's flying bombs exploded on our town; when London was blitzed, when Liverpool was torn apart, when Coventry was bombed.
Italy and Japan backed Germany, and America lost a whole fleet of ships in Pearl Harbour when Japanese planes bombed them. These events still remind us of what nations can do to each other. From those memories the 'triple alliance' has been welded to resist and counter terrorism.

America has spoken loud and clear that they want change and a strong President to turn back the tide of terror and the possibility of a third world war. No one is worthy of this office who cannot love America and Americans whether black or white. No one is worthy of this office who is not a lover of justice, righteousness and peace. Let us pray for President Trump that God will give him the wisdom of Solomon, for no man, as Solomon prayed can rule over a nation relying on his own wisdom. Peace and prosperity comes from God. A wise ruler also comes only from God. It is all too sad and familiar as the Old Testament testifies that one ruler after another follows the same sinful unwise ways of his fathers wanting wealth and greatness and with it, tyranny. Let us all join in prayer for President Trump that he will learn from the Creator who created all things good and holy. Let us pray for the winds of the Spirit to blow through our neighbourhoods, towns and cities.

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