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American Business Women Are On The Move

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With American women now owning more than 9 million businesses in the United States, according to last year’s data from SCORE, it is quite clear that the number of women stepping into the world of entrepreneurship is on the rise.

There are many reasons for this: a tumultuous economy combined with many societal pressures to take care of both children and older family members have created a “sandwich generation” that can more easily meet all of their obligations when their work schedules are a little more flexible.

Many women are starting their own business wherever they happen to live; with high speed internet and a decent laptop, it is entirely possible to step into many different branches of entrepreneurship without much of an investment. Other women are pursuing more traditional entrepreneurial paths and relocating to cities that have a reputation for being good for startups.

Women still face many barriers to successful business ownership. Factors such as lenders with experience funding small businesses and mentors can do a great deal to mitigate those barriers. SO what are some of the areas in the United States that are doing a great job making business opportunities available to women?

Welcome to California
For tech based businesses, moving to California continues to be the epicenter of the digital revolution. Investors and venture capitalists keep their eyes focused on Silicon Valley to see the biggest and brightest businesses that are taking talent from the local colleges. For a company that hopes to become a unicorn, Silicon Valley can be the place to be, and to connect with the kind of funding money that can make dreams a reality.

But at the same time, California can be a hard place to connect, since everyone there is trying to make the same thing happen. Other cities are starting to develop their own tech based venture areas, and doing a great job of it. Austin, Texas is a great example.

Go East Young Woman
While the southwest – Colorado, Texas, and California – are often cited as great places for businessmen to get their dream ventures off the ground, it’s states in the American South that are really doing well for American business women. According to Thumbtack, while Tulsa, Oklahoma, wins the number one spot for American businesswomen, the next three top cities are Chattanooga, Tennessee, Birmingham, Alabama, and Richmond, Virginia.

According to the survey data, these cites held women who were the happiest and most enthusiastic about their business prospects.

These states also earned a great reputation overall with their women business owners; women also found that their states were more likely to support their efforts to get a business off the ground. Top states include Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky.

What Businesses Are Women Starting?
While many men seem drawn to tech and finance, many women are finding success in business arenas that prioritize interpersonal skills and creativity. The top career profiles for women are happening in fields like House Cleaner, Makeup Artist, different photography specializations, personal trainers, and wedding vendors.

Analyzing why women are choosing to start businesses in these arenas is complex. While it’s easy to just assume that women are somehow better in these fields, it is important to consider whether they have the same opportunities in fields that are more traditionally dominated by men. Can they get the same venture capital consideration as a male technician, for example?

Why Focus On Small Businesses Headed By Women?
In the past ten years, businesses owned by men only grew around thirty percent. By contrast, businesses owned by women grew sixty-seven percent for all women, with a phenomenal 215% for businesses owned by women of color.

Much of this increase may be attributed to two specific factors: first, ten years ago, the barriers to business ownership for these women were even higher than they are now, and so there was more ground to be made up; second, many of these women may be starting businesses that have access to niches that white women have not been able to reach. Through culture and community, women of color can offer services that would not occur or would not be welcome from white women.

Since small businesses are a major driver of the economy as well as economic stability for all citizens, focusing on growing small businesses is an important way to push our country towards greater independence. Small businesses also tend to employ a huge number of workers; the 9.1 million women-owned businesses in this country employ almost 8 million people (not including their owners).

What trends do you see influencing women owned businesses, and where women should go to start a successful business?

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