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Blogging: A Way For Women To Earn A Living

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Even as the American family comes to be a more diversified institution, many women still struggle to balance the demands of a career with the responsibilities of a family. In order to get the free time that they need, many women have decided to leave the traditional workforce and find new careers through freelancing, MLM companies, or other projects that leave their daytime hours free for family and their evenings available for work.

One of the most popular ways to earn a living by working irregular hours is through blogging. While the strategies to successfully earn a living with a blog have changed in the last few years, it is still a viable way to bring in income, especially as a second job, extra money, or passion project. Here are five ways to earn money by blogging.

Sponsored Posts
When you have an established blog, some companies are willing to pay you in order to have you post about their topic. They want to reach your audience because they know that word of mouth has always been and likely will always be the best way to influence customers.

Sponsored posts became slightly less popular after the FTC ruled that bloggers must disclose any post that contains sponsored content, but many companies are still willing to pay. It is still a great opportunity to create memorable stories for your audience.

If you’re big enough, companies might approach you for sponsored posts. If you’re still building your audience, there are many companies that connect bloggers and advertisers; apply to companies that have clients in your niche.

Passive Income
In 2016, one of the most common ways to earn money through a blog is not to earn money through the blog itself. Bloggers use their blog to create revenue streams in various different ways. They might publish eBooks in their niche, or create a series of paid classes which help fans to improve their content and learn to succeed the same way they did.

For example, if you have a great personal story about overcoming some sort of adversity, you might build a blog as a life coach. You could offer personalized classes, eBooks, and a paid channel with additional content where subscribers could learn how to follow your path and succeed.

Platform Building
Ultimately, the most successful bloggers do not make all of their income through their blogs. They use their blogs as leverage to create additional revenue streams, get book contracts or speaking fees, or to create an audience for another upcoming endeavor. Blogging is a great stepping stone to building a career based around writing and public interactions, but to make a living from blogging, you will also need to be a savvy marketer. MyBlogU is an exciting platform that allows women globally to connect and get cited on major sites.

You will need to interact with companies that want to use your platform to get attention for their product, and work to get your message heard by your audience. You will need to study statistics to see which posts engage your audience, and which ones they don’t interact with as much.

Advertising Revenue
A classic way to get paid for blogging is to serve ads to viewers through services like Google’s AdSense. Some bloggers struggle with this because their control over which ads are served is somewhat limited. Others have found that their revenue from this source has been decreasing in recent years, as ad blockers become more ubiquitous. In 2015, almost 200 million web browsers had ad blockers equipped.

That said, ad blockers have also become more sophisticated, and allow users to whitelist certain specific sites. Some sites which rely on ad income have put a welcome page pop-up in place that requests users whitelist their site, and explains that ad revenue is a crucial piece of their income.

Guest Posts on Other Sites
Another area of revenue is guest posting on other websites. When you have something of an audience, or even a noticeable following on social media, other companies benefit from having you write a post for them, which is published on their site. Your followers are then more likely to follow you to their site, increasing their exposure.

This is the less invasive version of sponsored posts. Again, use a search engine to find other sites that are currently looking for guest posters.

Blogging can be an incredibly rewarding career that offers individuals the free time they need to keep up with their families, pursue other interests, or even manage their own health. It is more forgiving than a nine-to-five career, and many bloggers find the rewards to be substantial.

What are your experiences with blogging as a career?

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