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Why Do Women Love Snapchat So Much?

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A report released by Snapchat stated that 70% of Snapchat users identify as women. Their primary demographic is also those within 18-34 years old. To many businesses, this is a key demographic; women are generally agreed to be more brand loyal, and Millennials in general have significant buying power. Understanding why women use Snapchat is a key piece of connecting with customers over this social media platform.

More Fun Way Of Texting
Many women discuss liking Snapchat as a more visual and fun way to send text messages. When Instagram first started, it was mostly full of users taking random pictures of their meals or their day, and sharing them amongst friends.

Now, Snapchat seems to have replaced that function. Group texts are still a great way to share wordier messages, but a quick snap shares a cute moment from your day or shows you enjoying the fun of wearing a pair of animal ears and cute eyes.

Sharing Random Thoughts
Texting has become more formal and less fun as more and more people use it as a communication method. Texting all your friends is less fun when you’re also texting your boss. Using fun, goofy images to help you share fun moments throughout your day is a more entertaining way to share information with close friends.

Close Friendships
Speaking of close friends, Snapchat is generally for close friends. Facebook’s usage has expanded to casual acquaintances, such as the people from the neighborhood, other parents in a child’s class, and co-workers. Women may not want to share something with such a broad audience, especially since it’s very difficult to erase something from Facebook forever.

Casual Experience
Instagram has a very polished, filtered appearance, with most photos appearing professional. Images are often run through several filters, and that can make it seem like everyone else’s life is perfect while yours is suffering. Snapchat’s geofilters and quickly disappearing setup combats that feeling well. It’s hard to feel like someone else is better than you at looking like a puppy or having a logo from the most recent summer blockbuster splashed over their face.

Messages Disappear
This is another reason many women love Snapchat. Messages only last for a few hours, and if someone decides to keep a record of them, the user who sent the snap is notified that a screenshot was taken. They can then address that with the person who saved the picture.

Some people enjoy the disappearing messages because they have no particular interest in seeing older images in the future; others enjoy that their silly images and funny messages quickly disappear, so that they can’t be found later.

Good for Long Distance Relationships
Snapchat has incorporated the ability to record and send short videos, about ten seconds long. Some women feel that this is ideal for long distance relationships. Users can send quick photos or videos back and forth to keep up a sense of communication and entertainment without both of them needing to be able to make a video call.

It also lets people share short snippets of their day, which can help them feel more connected over that distance.

Better Privacy
Having your photos and messages quickly deleted is a definite privacy benefit in Snapchat, but another privacy benefit is that you can’t search to add users. You have to know a user’s exact name to message them or add them to your follows.

This dramatically cuts down on the number of unpleasant images and messages that most women receive. Even if they choose to include a Snapchat user name in another dating site profile, it’s easy to block users in Snapchat, preserving privacy.

Follow Fashion Bloggers and Celebrities
As many women have begun using Snapchat, celebrities and beauty bloggers have also joined the Snapchat family, drawing more women into use of the app.

There is a certain behind-the-scenes feeling to Snapchat, which encourages the feeling that followers are getting a very private and personal view of what’s happening in the snaps.

Snapchat isn’t for everyone; if having rainbows pour out of your mouth or putting on animal ears doesn’t appeal to you, you probably won’t enjoy Snapchat. For many women, however, this social media platform is the easy going fun experience they’ve been looking for in a world that feels too hectic and too frustrating day to day.

If a business wants to use Snapchat to communicate with its customers, it’s important to understand which customer segment is present on the platform. This helps them better target the demographic present.

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