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Duggar Disaster II: This time, the world is right

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The first Duggar disaster was a lesson in Gospel-ignorance. Neither the world nor the church seemed to understand that a young perv could repent, trust Jesus and have his sins forgiven; even the sin of sexual assault. The world thought Josh was just another Christian hypocrite because he committed heinous sins prior to conversion. They were wrong. That time.

This time, the world is right. By his own admission, Josh is a first-class phony. His hypocrisy has been revealed in a Technicolor explosion. The first Josh Duggar disaster involved the sin of someone who made no pretense or profession of faith. The second disaster is a completely different story; these sins were committed by a professing believer.

That, unfortunately, invites unbelievers to doubt the Gospel. Does faith in Christ really result in a changed heart and life?

Christianity confirms two realities; the reality of justification and the reality of sanctification. If justification is a reality in someone’s life, then the second reality, sanctification, will also be present. It appears that the second reality does not exist in Josh’s life, which leads us to raise legitimate concerns that the first reality doesn’t exist either.

The elders of Josh Duggar’s church will need to follow Jesus’ instructions regarding church discipline in Matt. 18:15-17 before anyone can legitimately propose an answer to the question, “Is Josh Duggar a true or false convert?”

The fallout from the first Duggar disaster made me concerned for Josh; the second disaster compels me to apologize to you, the unbeliever. Please do not be turned off to Christ because of the behavior of some of His followers, true or otherwise.

To the Christians who defended Josh Duggar the first time, you were not wrong to do so. You reacted like a Christian and rightly explained that Josh appeared to be a fairly typical conversion story. But Josh Duggar is a serial liar and you were lied to. Do not change your theology because Josh threw egg on your face.

And to the man who is even dancing around the fringes of pornography, it is just a matter of time before you become a client of Ashley Madison, or worse. If you don’t believe me, ask Josh Duggar.

And just like Josh, your sin will find you out.

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