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Lessons from the Scandal of the Century

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Yep, Donald Sterling is a racist old man. Racism is a sin, therefore, Donald Sterling is a sinner. Now there’s a shock.

What can we learn from the scandal of the century? Lots.

1. Secularists are stunned that the LA Clippers owner (for now) is racist. Christians aren’t. Racism is another symptom of the fall. Furthermore, the core of racism is arrogance. No Christian in his right mind should be throwing the first stone at Mr. Sterling.

2. The world is more eager to condemn than forgive. Christians are fast to forgive. Christianity is a nicer world to live in.

3. Christians seem to have forgotten that racism is not the granddaddy of all sins. The following terms were used by evangelicals to describe Sterling’s racist remarks: utterly disgusting, horrifyingly racist, deplorable, crude, repulsive, reprehensible. What words do we have left to describe the Holocaust, or Rwanda, or the sex trade, or Kermit Gosnell?

4. When was the last time you heard a preacher describe the cross on which Jesus was crucified as being an “utterly disgusting” act?

5. There is a new “morality sheriff” in town. Christianity no longer sets the course for morality, secularists do.

6. Secular morality is a shifting shadow. Living in a secular humanist world is like standing in a circular firing squad.

7. With over 340,000 Protestant churches dotting the American landscape, Christians must ask the question, “How did culture get away from us?” Perhaps it is because we have become the morality police instead of evangelists.

8. Who is next? A precedent has been set. Secularists are so tolerant that if you think the wrong thoughts about a particular people group, you will not be tolerated. That is 21st century tolerance. Or irony.

Moral Majority no more.

Put a fork in the culture wars. We lost.

Perhaps this is a good time for the church to reconsider her marching orders. Instead of focusing on forcing people to behave a certain way, maybe we should be endeavoring to “make disciples” (Matt. 28:19).

God is not interested in mere morality, He is interested in souls. This is not a morality battle, this is a war for the souls of men and the glory of God.

Let us not waste our defeat. Let us not keep fighting the same losing battle. Let us not endeavor to make the world a better place for people to go to hell from.

If Donald Sterling were a Christian, we would not have to endure the endless images of him sitting near a basketball court with his “girlfriend” while his wife sits at home.

- Secularism may force Mr. Sterling to say better things, Christianity would change him to think better things.

- Secularism punishes men for their sins, Christianity offers complete forgiveness of sins.

- Secularism demands a pound of flesh from sinners; Christianity offers a Savior who gave His body for sinners.

If we fail to learn the lessons of the Donald Sterling saga, then this indeed will have been the scandal of the century.

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