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Let’s Ban Cars While We’re At It

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Rain falls and the ground gets wet. A school shooting occurs and liberals call for gun control. Unfortunately, they are seeking to solve a tragic situation with the wrong solution.

Drunk drivers kill more people than people with guns but nobody is calling for an automobile ban. Why? Cars are not the problem, drunk drivers are the problem. You will search long and hard to find an organization called MAC: Mothers Against Cars.

On the same day that emotionally disturbed Adam Lanza misused legal guns to cruelly massacre children in a schoolhouse, an insane man used a knife to slash 22 school children in China. You don’t hear the Chinese calling for knife laws.

Cain killed Abel with a rock. Should we ban boulders?

Muslims throw sandals at people they hate. Should we outlaw open-toed footwear?

If we wish to have a helpful dialogue to keep our society safe, let’s stop focusing on weapons and focus on the people misusing the weapons.

Guns are neither good nor bad. They can be used to protect and save or they can be misused to maim and murder. Guns are a-moral objects; it is immoral people that cause the problem. There is not a lawyer on the planet who blames misspelled words on pencils.

If we can get to the root of the people problem then we can lay the axe to the root. So let’s consider and discuss cultural issues that may be the cause for mass shootings.

Sin. If you disagree then you clearly have not been paying attention to the images on your TV screen. Nothing is more provable than evil. Sin can only be corrected when a person’s beliefs and thinking are changed by the Gospel. The result of the Gospel is less sin.

Socio-economic problems. Society is affected by bad economic policies: much government equals much sin because the Bible teaches that the government’s role should be limited to protection of its people. When the government extends its reach into businesses, economies and homes, there will be more crime because government does a lousy job of controlling what is not rightfully under their authority.

Sanity. There is a growing mental health problem in this country. Do we love our mentally challenged neighbors more when we provide clean, stable, safe institutions or when we let them roam the streets committing crimes that lead to a life in a jail cell?

Stable homes. Studies reveal that most violent crimes are committed by people who have a history of abandonment. Divorce and daycare are creating a generation of broken, hurting, angry, binge drinking and sexually active young adults. Perhaps it’s time to focus on the family in a Biblical way.

Please discuss, but comments on gun control are not invited. Let’s try to have a dialogue on other issues that may actually help our increasingly out of control society. If you insist on discussing gun laws then we will delete your post and take away your car.

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