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Somebody Needs to Set Jesus Culture’s Worship Music on Fire

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From Chapter 8 of “Judge Not.” Available at www.wretched.tv

Listen to many of today’s hit worship songs and you will notice a lot of fiery references. Why? Because Charismatics love the word “fire” and Charismatic groups like Hillsong, Vineyard, and Jesus Culture are the most powerful influences in contemporary Christian worship music.

The Bible typically defines fire as actual fire or a symbol of judgment. Either way, you do NOT want God’s fire to fall on you.

Charismatics seem to use the term “fire” to describe a warm, passionate feeling about God. If Jesus Culture gets their wish, they will either be scorched by flames or judged by God. But that doesn’t stop Jesus Culture from asking God for lots of fire.

You will also notice that fiery Jesus Culture music has romantic undertones to it. Here is their romantic flamer “Fire Never Sleeps.”

I see that hope is coming so pull me from the ashes, ignite my soul Please, burn away the darkness cause love is like a furnace where Your fire never sleeps Burn oh my soul; set me on fire Burn oh my soul; light up the fire Burn oh my soul

The Jesus Culture burning love song for Jesus, “All-Consuming Fire,” combines every contemporary worship cliché into one hellacious song: fire, romance for Jesus, and repetition. Lots of repetition.

All-consuming fire, You're our heart's desire Living flame of love, come baptize us, come baptize us (6x) Let us fall more in love with you (4x) We wanna know how high how deep how wide is Love Love Love (4x) How high is your love How wide is your love How deep is your love for us How deep is your love

The Bee Gees called, they want their love song back.

If all these profound lyrics are too much for you to handle, here are all the lyrics for the 4:37-long Jesus Culture hit “Set a Fire.”

Set a fire down in my soul That I can’t contain That I can’t control I want more of you God I want more of you God

All those torch songs are from one group, but if you think Jesus Culture is the only infernal worship leader, here is Michael W. Smith’s torch song to God, “You Are the Fire.”

You are the flame that's growing deep inside You are the blazing passion in my eyes You are the aching shut up in my bones You are the longing that won't let me go Let it burn, let it burn now Oh from the inside out Let it rage, let it rage now You are the fire You are the fire

Sorry, Michael, I can no longer say we are friends forever.

The Solution? 

What can be done to put an end to the mass production of fiery mind-numbing, repetitious, romantic, hypnotic twaddle?

1. Pastors can start overseeing the selection of worship music and put the kibosh on any songs with sub-lyrics.

2. Pastors can stop allowing Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Catholic (Matt Maher), or Charismatic worship songs to be sung in their Protestant churches.

3. Parents can check their kids’ listening devices and teach them about the dangers of unbiblical and deceptive worship music.

4. Evangelicals can stop attending concerts by worship groups that do not measure up theologically.

5. Start supporting and singing good contemporary worship music like Sovereign Grace.

It won’t be easy to douse the flames of this horrific worship music, but we certainly don’t have to contribute to its success. If nothing else, we can make really lame music stop in our churches.

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