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The Dignity of Christianity, Part 2: Ten Ways Christianity is Better Than Secularism

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It is 2am when you wake up with a headache that demands your attention. You weigh the options, “I can be lazy and stay in my nice warm bed until sleep returns or I can get my carcass out of bed, stub my toe on the way to the bathroom and take some Tylenol that will guarantee sleep and a pain-free noggin.”

You roll over.

It is 4 am when you re-awake to a headache that increased in ferocity. This time you get up and schlep to the bathroom and take your medicine. What changed? Sometimes we need to feel pain longer to motivate us to seek relief.

I wonder if that is exactly what is going to happen in the USA. As we lurch further and further down the road of secular humanism, there is no doubt that people will grow increasingly sin sick. Perhaps they will seek a cure after they have felt enough pain.

Pain inevitably follows sin.

Too much alcohol creates a hangover.

Sex outside of marriage creates disease.

Re-writing morals creates heartache, broken homes, hurt children, devastated lives.

The First Century

The first century had felt the pain from their godless lifestyles for hundreds of years and even the most brilliant philosopher could not grant them relief. Enter the Gospel!

When first century heathens heard the Gospel, they heard something better and the Good News was joyfully received, churches began to dot the landscape and the whole world changed. Twenty-first century heathens may not be sin-sick yet, but when they ultimately grow weary, let’s be prepared to let them know about the cure; a cure which is better than that which made them sick.

10 ways that Christianity is better

Personhood: Because humans are made in the image and likeness of God, we do not see babies as mere blobs of tissue, but we see them as being eternal soul bearers made in the image and likeness of God. We don’t kill image-bearers.

End of life issues: We don’t hasten the death of a soul-bearer who happens to be residing in a nursing home.

Treatment of women: God sees us as equal in value but He made us different so that we could have complimentary roles. The weaker sex tenderly raises children. The stronger sex protects. The stronger sex does not send the weaker sex to the front lines.

Treatment of children: Children are not to be seen and not heard. Children are to be loved, cherished, enjoyed and trained to be fellow heirs of eternal life who will teach the next generation of the glories of our Creator.

We are not monkeys.

Pot turns a brain to mush. Christians are sober-minded and on the alert.

Animals hook up sexually. Christians engage in intimacy as a foretaste of the joys of heaven.

Christians are free people who do not need a large government to order their lives.

Christians recognize that man is intrinsically evil and no single human can run an entire economy, therefore we believe in a free-market economy that manages itself and allows us greater freedom.

Families do not come in all shapes and sizes, they come with a mom and dad who are committed to one another and their biological children until death do them part.

When you encounter someone who is sin-sick, don’t apologize for your faith, but lift it up as more dignified, noble and right.

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