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The Dignity of Christianity, Part 3: Ten More Ways Christianity is Better Than Secularism

Wed, Sep. 18, 2013 Posted: 01:56 PM

Christianity is better, smarter and more dignified than humanism. Here are ten more ways:

11. Language and Grammar: It might be LOL, but language and grammar will continue to erode under secularism. Why? There is no reason to have rules of grammar if there is no rule-giver. God is the author of language and the author of clarity, not confusion. Without God, we have little need for either rules or clarity.

12. Art: Certainly there is a degree of subjectivity, but unless there is an objective standard of what is good, pleasing and lovely, then art is meaningless.   

13. Dating: The world’s model for dating: meet, have sex, break up, repeat. Biblical “dating” is loftier, safer and more thoughtful. By promoting abstinence before marriage, Christianity can save a broken heart, an “unwanted pregnancy” and disease. Which system is better?

14. Marriage: Biblical marriage is a picture of the relationship between the Creator of the Universe, Jesus, and His bride, the Church. The point of secular marriage is…well, I don’t know what the point is.

15. Parenting: Secular parenting is mostly done out of instinct and the hope of much reciprocal love. Biblical parenting is the opportunity for an adult to raise a fellow eternal soul-bearer to love the One who made them both. One system is selfish, the other transcendent.

16. Spanking: Secular spanking is typically done in anger with an eye on behavioral modification. Biblical discipline is designed to instruct a child that God protects the obedient child (Eph.6:1). Biblical discipline should also be a picture of the Gospel. One is typically violent, the other loving.

17. Work: Humanists work to make money to buy things that rust, rot and decay. Christians work to serve God by loving our neighbor, who are God’s children. One is fleeting, the other is eternal.

18. Purpose: The humanist must be satisfied with eating, drinking and being as merry as possible. The Christian does everything unto the glory of God.

19. Conscience: When one’s conscience nags, the humanist can find no relief but perhaps through self-flagellation. Christianity announces, “Forgiven!”

20. Eternity: The humanist is running a race that leads to an ever increasing fear of death. The Christian knows that when he reaches the finish line called death, true life has just begun.

Christianity is better than humanism.

Todd Friel