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The Progressive Agenda is Now Crystal Clear

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Progressives promised they only wanted visitation rights for homosexuals at hospitals.

Then they told us they just wanted homosexuals to have similar legal rights as heterosexual couples.

Then they petitioned the Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage.

Along the way, progressives promised that Christians could hold their deeply held religious beliefs. Three events happened this week that reveal two things:

1. Progressive secularists are not done with their demands.

2. Progressives really don’t intend to let Christians retain a dissenting opinion regarding a person’s sexual lifestyle.

This week, Saturday Night Live mocked Christians for nearly three minutes. There was no censure, no fines and no apologies for saying derogatory things about a people group: Christians. You can watch their ironic skit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDDAa1If-u4

During this week’s Stanley Cup finals, Chicago Blackhawk forward Andrew Shaw uttered an inaudible gay slur. He was suspended for one game, fined $5000 and must take sensitivity training. You can watch his brow-beaten apology here: http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/15281995/blackhawks-forward-andrew-shaw-suspended-one-game-anti-gay-slur

ESPN analyst Curt Schilling was terminated for posting an “anti-transsexual” meme on his personal Facebook page. His personal Facebook page. Apparently companies can now terminate employees for what they say off the clock.

King Belshazzar could read the writing on this wall. It is merely a matter of time, and I mean months, before:

➢ Christians cannot preach that homosexuality is a sin in the church.

➢ Christians cannot preach that homosexuality is a sin in a public forum.

➢ Christians cannot preach that homosexuality is a sin in our homes to our children.

In the meantime, I will be preparing my family for fascism and persecution. Welcome to historically normative Christianity, kids.

The sands are running out of America’s first amendment hour glass. Christians will soon be silenced or punished for being intolerant haters who simply cannot be allowed to hold such primitive beliefs.

Even the weather channel could predict this coming storm, and I don’t see any human institution or movement capable of turning the tide of this hurricane.

What can the righteous do when the foundations crumble? One thing: preach the Gospel. Preach it to your kids, your church and to your neighbors. While you still can.

Todd Friel is the host of Wretched TV and Radio, and the host of Persecution: the Christian Response.

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